john cena

This weekend John Cena stepped up to host Saturday Night Live, and to no one’s surprise, he hit SNL with the Attitude Adjustment, and put on a great show. John Cena played several different characters throughout the episode, including the bad guy in a Karate Kid spoof.

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John Cena channeled his inner Johnny Lawrence in the skit as he faced off against a Daniel LaRusso stand in at the San Fernando Valley Karate Championships. Cena made short work of his opponent as he broke the fourth wall, literally, by punching his opponent through four walls.

Check it out below.

During another skit John Cena also played the star player of a college football team who promised everyone that he wouldn’t play in the big game unless he got high marks on his science presentation. Unfortunately for Cena’s character, he had plenty of ambition, but not a lot in the way of brains. However, he did manage to give an in depth presentation on bananas.

John Cena also did his best game show host impression when he hosted Hook a Hunk, a dating show where three men attempt to win the heart of one woman. Cena’s character manages to steal to the show away from the contestants, and he also manages to steal the woman’s heart as well.