john cena

John Cena hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and Cena seems to be receiving rave reviews for his performance.

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Saturday Night Live is known for poking fun at some of the biggest names in pop culture, and one person who seems to get a lot of attention from the SNL crew is President-elect Donald Trump. Audiences have seen their fair share of Donald Trump-centric Saturday night Live skits in 2016, and this week John Cena got in on the fun.

SNL aired a skit showing how the world looks through the eyes of Donald Trump, and according to the skit when Donald Trump looks in the mirror he sees none other than John Cena, and he also likes to admire his hands.

John Cena also channeled his inner Rob Gronkowski for a game show skit titled “Where’d Your Money Go?” The purpose of the game show was to teach financial security to the world’s most ignorant millionaires, and it was hosted by Kenan Thompson who played Charles Barkley in the skit.

John Cena’s Rob Gronkowski also stood alongside exaggerated versions of UFC star Conor McGregor, and golf star John Daly. Check it out below.