WWE has made a lot of releases recently as a way to make room for what has been reported as a number of NXT stars who are making their way to the main roster.

WWE looked like they were trimming the fat, but the fact that three superstars have requested their release from the company in the past three days, another main event caliber star requested his a few weeks ago and Ryback has just walked away from the company CM Punk style. It begs the question, has WWE lost control of all its stars?

Ryback walked away from the company following last month’s Payback event and as far as many fans are aware, he is still under contract with WWE but because there isn’t much time left on his contract, WWE are allowing it to run it’s course. Ryback explained the reasons for his departure on his Instagram account and won many fans over to his side when he explained the way the payment hierarchy in WWE really worked.

This was then followed by Wade Barrett who was released along with six other stars earlier this month but he was the only one among them that actually requested his own release because he was unhappy with the way WWE were using him and with the position he was given in the company.

Cody Rhodes wrote on his Twitter page that he had asked for his release on Saturday and WWE obliged on Sunday following the Extreme Rules event, many fans were left confused by Cody’s decision, but the son of The American Dream posted a lengthy Twitter message that explained that WWE were not allowing him to be creative in a way that he wanted to be and that he wanted to honor his father in a different way, but wrestling and that is now what he was going to do.

Whilst Adam Rose did request his release, it was a little different since he was already suspended and was painfully aware that even if WWE had him back after his “indefinite suspension” then he would never be given a worthy position in the company so it was perhaps the right thing to do.

Sadly Eden Styles joins this group this morning after she showed solidarity with her husband Cody Rhodes and requested her release from the company, something that they obviously granted.

Four superstars in the past month have asked for their release and one has walked away and could be heading to TNA instead, what has happened to WWE? Do they no longer have control of their superstars or are they completely out of touch with their talent nowadays?

The Cody Rhodes situation would have been the easiest to fix if WWE had allowed him to return as Cody instead of Stardust following his father’s tragic passing, but it seems that WWE always thinks that they know better than their stars and that they know what the crowd wants and that is costing them some incredible talent.

Paige has recently talked about how unhappy she is with her position in WWE after spending most of 2014/15 in the middle of the Divas Championship picture, she is now on the outskirts of the division making scarce appearances, could she follow fellow Brit Wade back to the UK?

Barrett is perhaps the most upsetting of all the recent departures given that he was world champion material, but WWE never cashed in on this, they gave him King of the Ring before putting him in an endless feud with Neville and then made him a part of the Stardust/Arrow story line. He was never used effectively and many stars are not driven by the money and decide to seem employment elsewhere if they are unhappy.

Something has happened in WWE recently that has seen these superstars make such a life changing decision, could it be The New Era, could it be the fact that there are so many new stars coming through that WWE is no longer paying attention to the stars that have been there all along?

WWE needs to stop this worrying trend before other stars follow suit because even though there are many stars ready to fill the shoes of the departed, they are losing talented wrestlers to companies that will use them in a way that proves they had what it takes to be the best and this would just continue to show WWE up for all of it’s flaws.


  1. Example: Drew Galloway. basically traded him for Samoa Joe. Joe is putting guys over in NXT. Galloway is a top man in TNA and the indies.The End

    • Except Samoa Joe is NXT Champion. and is on a dominant run in NXT. but i agree with you on everything else.