Cesaro recently spoke to the Green Bay Press Gazette to promote Raw which is coming to the Resch Center on May 30th. You can check out the full interview here along with a few highlights below.

His biggest accomplishment in WWE so far:

“My biggest accomplishment from a title or winning perspective, is winning the first battle royal for the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy at Wrestlemania 30. I think that was a huge point in my career. Also winning the U.S. title early in my career and then winning a tag team championship with Tyson Kidd meant a whole lot to me. Then another accomplishment that I’m really proud of that has evolved, and we talked about it earlier, is the Cesaro Section. And that to me is a reflection of my career in general and that the WWE fans believe in and it makes me very proud.”

His James Bond Style entrance:

“I’m a huge fan of the movies, and the fun part is, I always wear suits; that’s just how I dress. I believe in looking good and representing yourself and dressing in style. When I started wrestling, I was wearing a suit to wrestle; a suit and sleeveless T-shirt with a tie and I was sweaty all day. So I wanted to go back to the roots and I came up with the tear-away suit because I think it’s a lot of fun. My thing is, I’m the guy that you see in the street and now I’m ready to wrestle. I just kind of played with it and that’s what happened.”

What it would mean to him to win the IC Title:

“The IC title would mean a lot to me. I’ve never held the IC title and to me, the IC title represents the workhorse of wrestling, if you will. That would fit me perfect. I just came back from shoulder injury, and I came back faster than anybody before. I came back feeling better than ever and I’m having a ton of fun, and so is the crowd. I think it would be awesome to become the IC champion and represent that for everybody out there.”