WWE Fastlane kicked off with a cruiserweight match and in all honesty, this tag match could steal the show. If you would tell us a year ago that these kinds of talent would all be in the same ring together then we would be elated. But, since we’ve been almost over-exposed to the cruiserweight division it’s no new thing to watch these amazing performers do their thing.

Jim Ross said this match could be over as soon as it starts and this would be a good assumption to make as most cruiserweight matches have been limited to around five minutes. The fact this match is on the pre-show doesn’t give one too much hope it’ll be afforded much time.

Each one of these guys are worthy of making it on their own, but they are put in a tag match to feature them. At least that’s a positive. The Brian Kendrick tried to keep away from Tozawa, in the beginning, add to their feud. There was a neat spot where both heels exited the ring and Alicia Fox jumped in front of them to stop Tozawa and Swann from leaping on them. She’s such a team player.

Once Kendrick got his hands on Tozawa he took him down with some unforgiving moves and even took his belt off for some reason. He didn’t use it, therefore it must have been a wardrobe malfunction.

Rich Swann hit Noam Dar with one of his nice standing splashes but the Scottish Supernova kicked out at two. Alicia Fooooooox loved watching her man deal out punishment so she danced like a happy little schoolgirl and mocked their opponents at ringside, it was cute.

Tozawa and Swann finally hit those stereo aerial moves on the heels and it was a sweet spot to say the least. Tozawa’s suicide-headbutt dive is so stiff looking. In the end, Rich Swann hit his Phoenix Splash on Noam Dar and got the three count for the win.