These two have been killing it at house shows recently and most fans left those events saying the Underdog from The Underground and the Samoan Submission Machine had the match of the night. Sami has the ability to take great punishment and keep asking for more until he can finally catch a Helluva Kick and get the win. However, Samoa Joe might be the greatest obstacle he’s faced so far in WWE.

Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe kicked off the Fastlane main show and the crowd was more than eager to get this thing going. Zayn had a look of intensity on his face but it was nothing compared to the viciousness spewing from the snarled eyes of The Destroyer. By the way, if Joe is in this new Triple H faction and they’re both “The Destroyer” won’t that get confusing?

These two took some time to feel each other out, but once they got going it was indeed a hard hitting affair. Samoa Joe kicked Sami in the chest and now this writer is starting to have heart palpitations.

It seemed that anything Sami tried out was easily blocked by Joe until a head-scissors took The Destroyer down. Joe got the upper hand and kept up the pressure with one stiff shot after another.

Joe took Sami’s knees out with a double leg-sweep and we’re surprised Sami was able to get up after that one. No wonder Joe has been no good for knees recently. Zayn tried for a blue thunder bomb, but it was blocked. He eventually pulled his signature move off, but Joe kicked out at two.

Sami climbed to the top rope, but that proved to be a mistake as it only gave him the chance to jump down into an inverted atomic drop. Joe hit his opponent with a standing senton and got a two count. The Destroyer also rocked Zayn with a brutal powerslam but couldn’t close out the contest.

Zayn took, even more, punishment until he was falling flat on his face appearing to be unable to stand. He tried to roll Joe up as a last-ditch effort but it was not successful. Sami wound up on the top rope and Joe teased a muscle buster, but Zayn broke the hold. Joe then climbed up and tried to get a superplex, but Zayn tried to turn it into a flipping powerbomb instead. But, it was all for naught as Joe blocked him.

Sami ran across the ring and attempted a Helluva Kick, but Joe just slammed him down. The Destroyer ended up locking Sami up in his patented choke, the Coquina Clutch and Sami passed out.

The referee called the match without a real submission taking place. But, Samoa Joe still won his first WWE main roster pay-per-view match.