Bayley was one of the hottest wrestlers in WWE’s Performance Center once upon a time but now it seems that she’s been pushed to the side. The Hugger was once thought of as a “female John Cena” but it seems those high hopes have played to her misfortune.

There hasn’t been good news for Bayley in quite a while ever since fighting her heart out to earn the final remaining spot on Team Raw only to wrestle in the Survivor Series match and be the first eliminated.

If you think there’s still room to turn Bayley’s career around, then you’re not wrong. But apparently, the book might have already been closed on the former NXT and Raw Women’s Champion because higher-ups in WWE have reportedly already thrown in the towel in on Bayley.

Dave Meltzer recently commented on Wrestling Observer Radio about The Hugger and it doesn’t sound like there are too many positive things to say about the situation at this point.

“They have already given up on her. And they’ve given up on her a long long time ago. When they’re gonna protect Mickie James over you when Mickie James was brought in to be a filler to lose on the roster, that just tells you. The dice has been cast with her already.”

It would be a shame to cast Bayley aside and let her drown in the seas of such a crowded pool of talented female talent. But that very well could be the case soon enough if things can’t turn around for The Hugger anytime soon.

Bayley will hopefully always have her loyal fanbase including Izzy, but the WWE “booking committee” could feel that they’ve already spent too much time trying to turn The Hugger around. Of course, it didn’t help that they kept killing her momentum but that’s another story.