matt hardy

Monday night The Ultimate Deletion finally aired on Raw, and the match was met with a mostly positive response from the fans. Matt Hardy spent many months battling to bring his Woken/Broken character to the masses, and after the match was over he took to Twitter to say that The Ultimate Deletion was a personal victory for him.

TMZ recently interviewed Hardy and asked him about the match, and he noted that he’s not sure the Woken/Broken Universe was ever meant to make it to WWE, but he was very happy with the response.

“I have to tell you this, it has been amazing, the feedback from the Woken Warriors, the WWE Universe and from people all across the globe. It has been met with love and admiration. And I say this is something that probably was not supposed to happen on the plane known as WWE. I don’t know if Woken/Broken Matt Hardy was supposed to get here. But he did. Now that I’m here and I’m being powered by the 7 Deities, I have introduced House Hardy, my magic, my family, I have introduced the Hardy Compound. Now that we have the foot into the door, I believe this is only the start of many, many great things. I think this is something that will change the WWE Universe forever.”

Mick Foley also made an appearance in the video and he delivered a special message to Matt. The WWE Hall of Famer noted that he couldn’t help but wonder what Vince McMahon thought of The Ultimate Deletion, and Matt responded by saying he will delete Vince if he didn’t like it.

“That MeekMahan is a hard character to read. I don’t know if he loved it, or if he hated it. But this is the facts — the Woken Warriors and the WWE Universe had much adoration for it and they love the Woken/Broken Universe. And for that if McMahon has any issues with it, then I certainly have a spot here at the Hardy Compound where I can DELETE him. Yes, Senor Benjamin would love to start digging a hole for him.”