woken matt hardy

Woken Matt Hardy has become an official member of the Monday Night Raw roster, and he’s been bringing Woken Wisdom to the masses for weeks now.

Fans have only been seeing a glimpse of Woken Matt’s true potential on Raw over the past few weeks, as Matt and WWE are introducing the character to the masses slowly. During a recent interview with IGN, Matt talked about the evolution of Woken Matt Hardy in WWE, and he told fans to be patient, as the Woken Universe will be expanding.

“I think so. Yes. Everything we do in the “Woken” universe is so fantastical that wrestling fans, especially younger kids, who only know Matt Hardy from tag team matches or Team Xtreme or whatnot, they need to learn what I am before we can start expanding. Before I can introduce you to a Queen Rebecca or a King Maxel or a Señor Benjamin or Vanguard 1. There are even other characters to bring in too. But patience is key. The fans who are in the know just need to wait a little bit for other fans to get to know the character.”

Right now Woken Matt Hardy is focused on “deleting” Bray Wyatt, and he recently teased that The Final Deletion is coming for the former leader of The Wyatt Family.

When asked if we will see a Final Deletion-style match with Bray in WWE, Matt responded with the following:

“One hundred percent. Absolutely.”

Broken Matt Hardy quickly became one of the hottest acts in all of professional wrestling after The Final Deletion aired, and WWE tried to capitalize on the buzz by having The New Day face The Wyatts at The Wyatt Family compound.

With weeks of buildup for this Hardy vs. Wyatt feud, and a solid budget to stand on, it seems that WWE has the opportunity to take the concept of The Final Deletion to the next level.