WWE’s Women’s Division has been talked about in the media more than any other Division over the past few months and it finally seemed as though the company had turned a corner when they finally crapped the Divas Championship in favour of the newly named Women’s title at WrestleMania back in April.

When the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch were all called up to the main roster last Summer and ‘The Divas Revolution’ was in full force, it seemed as though it was finally heading in a positive direction.

As always WWE have managed to ruin this with re-runs of story lines, the lack of a push for the right women and their increasing issue of always opting for a tag team match on a pay-per-view rather than a title defence.

Once again it was a tag team match that WWE opted for at Money in the Bank last week and it seems that it could be heading in the same direction again for Battleground since WWE have kept Charlotte and Dana Brooke as a team.

That being said, the official WWE draft takes place on July 19th which is just five days before Battleground and the current speculation seems to suggest the the women’s division will be on just one show after the split takes full effect.

Back during the first split back in the early 2000’s the Women’s Division remained on Raw whilst the Cruiserweight Division stayed on Smackdown, but the Tuesday night show developed it’s own Women’s Division in early 2007 and finally two Women’s belts were introduced.

Right now it doesn’t seem as though there are a lot of places for the women within the company whilst there is only one title to fight for. This is why WWE keep reverting back to their tag team ethic because it includes more women in the title picture.

The likes of Summer Rae, Naomi, Tamina, Emma, Alicia Fox haven’t had a look in the title picture for a long time, with both Tamina and Emma both out injured and Naomi currently off filming The Marine 5: Battleground, the whereabouts of Alicia and Summer Rae are currently unknown but Summer was on Main Event two weeks ago.

If the division was placed on just one show and only given around 20 minutes a week to build on then it would mean that more of the female talent would be overlooked, which is unfair considering Bayley is set to be called up to the main roster imminently.

The Women’s Division has so much talent contained in it right now that they shouldn’t have to fight for TV time. The likes of Sasha, Becky and Bayley should easily be handed matches on the main roster whilst Charlotte as Champion should already be in the mix.

The fatal four way between all four former horsewomen is obviously something that should be on the cards in the near future, but if that is the main story of the division then the likes of Natalya, Summer, Naomi, Alicia and Emma will all be on the sidelines.

WWE needs to allow development time so that more than one female story line can run at once, this happened back in 2013 when Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella, AJ Lee vs Paige and Naomi vs Cameron were all happening at the same time and fans were well invested in all four stories.

It would be a mistake for WWE to allow the women to be on just one roster because they need to be a part of both rosters if they ever want there to be enough slots for all of the women who are currently on the main roster and coming through NXT.

There are also reports suggesting that there will be two women’s divisions once again which will allow many more main roster call ups but as yet it is unclear as to whether or not there will be the one Championship defended at every pay-per-view or if WWE will once again unveil a second title.

After WWE just retired the Divas Championship, it is highly unlikely that they will want to reintroduce another title. As of yet it is unclear if the Cruiserweight Division will return to Smackdown or if the Women will be split into two rosters, but the Brand Split is in just three weeks time and it seems a lot of excitement is surrounding this unveil.