kurt angle

With the upcoming WWE brand split Kurt Angle has been a hot topic on the Internet over the past few weeks. It’s been rumored that WWE is interested in bringing Kurt Angle back, and Kurt confirmed that he spoke to Triple H a few weeks ago. However, Kurt did say that he talked to Triple H before the brand split was announced and that no one has contacted him about returning.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it doesn’t look like Kurt Angle will be returning to the company in the near future. It’s being reported that WWE confirmed on Thursday they will not be bringing Kurt Angle back.

WWE pay-per-views are also a hot topic thanks to the upcoming brand extension and it’s been rumored that each brand will be getting their own exclusive pay-per-views. Earlier this week a revised PPV schedule “leaked” on the Internet and it seemed to suggest that not only will Raw and SmackDown be getting separate pay-per-views, but events such as Backlash and Clash of the Champions will be returning.

The schedule showed Clash of the Champions as a Raw exclusive pay-per-view in September. The month of September is usually when Night of Champions takes place but it looks like WWE may be retiring the Night of Champions name this year.

Under the listing for Night of Champions on Ticketmaster it’s not being advertised os Clash of the Champions. The picture still shows the Night of Champions logo, but the text on the listing is now referring to the event as Clash of the Champions.