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Alexa Bliss lost her Raw Women’s Title at SummerSlam in a surprising move but it was still a great moment for The Boss. But some are wondering how long Banks’ championship run will last.

Little Miss Bliss came out to confront Sasha Banks in the middle of her speech where she was getting plenty of boos unless she was wishing Ric Flair a speedy recovery. Alexa Bliss brought up how Sasha is good at winning championships but she’s not good at keeping them.

Bliss said she wasn’t going to have a championship match for all the SummerSlam fan boys, but she would take that title back next week. Alexa was going to prove Sasha was a Legit Loser once and for all.

“I wonder if Alexa wins it back,” Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Bryan Alvarez responded, “[she] could, I think it depends on Bayley’s recovery timetable and if she’s gonna be back and if that’s the direction they’re going. Otherwise, she could win it back because they’ve done a lot of that as of late.”

“I don’t think Bayley’s going to be back that quick,” Meltzer replied. “I just think that they want Alexa Bliss to be the champion. And right now I think — right now they’re in the mode of doing lots of title changes figuring that lends attention and maybe it’s the right move, I don’t know. Cause you know WWE’s doing so many things like they’ve switched a lot of titles in the last week and a lot of cases like it happened with The New Day and Tozawa, they switch the titles and then they switch them right back.”

The jury is still out with how long Banks will be the champion but WWE has been doing a lot of switching recently. if you are anywhere near a Raw house show this weekend you might want to show up because it could be your only chance to see Banks with that belt before Bliss takes it back.

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  1. N of course Sasha looses the title to little miss bitch again….. Monday night raw is getting ridiculous bout to stop watching!