The Miz came out this week and he was on fire. He was fresh off a win at SummerSlam but if you attended the SummerSlam event you probably didn’t see it. They didn’t open the doors until the kickoff show actually started and paid dearly for it.

Miz said, “so this is what a sold out Barclays Center looks like, I wouldn’t know,” and he mispronounced Barclays. Cena called him out on it so Miz mispronounced the name over and over again getting even angrier and mocking in his tone every time.

It was a real shoot because Miz was upset. For some reason, the doors to the Barclays Center didn’t open until the kickoff show started leaving tons of people to get to their seats in around fifteen minutes. Needless to say, there weren’t many butts in chairs for this match.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that The Miz is legitimately upset about how SummerSlam turned out.

The reaction for Miz’s SummerSlam match was dead because nobody was watching… they were all still in line to get in the building. These kinds of events really need to have their doors open at least an hour before the kickoff show starts because they keep having this kind of problem with big events.

Miz’s promo talked about how he had scrapped and earned his chances for years and didn’t have anything handed to him. It was passionate and on another level. He even got a “you deserve it” chant from the Brooklyn crowd.

His mic work is usually insanely good, but this was on that level with his excellent promo on Talking Smack where he said he loved “everyone and everything.” He also buried Daniel Byran in a promo so cutting it brought D-Bry to just exit the set. This promo was on that level, but the Miz’s frustrations were at Roman, Cena, the fans, and anyone else he wanted to point at who have gotten in the way of his ascent to the top.


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  1. That was some of Miz’s best mic work by far. He was rightfully pissed and he had no problem making sure everyone knew it. He not only saved that segment, he owned it. That promo was so good it more than made up for him losing in the main event. I especially loved the part where he said no one knew whether to boo or cheer Cena and Reigns.

  2. Always love The Miz on the mic. This was definitely one of his best. Had he gone a little deeper and had a more definitive closing I’d dare call this pipe bomb Miz edition.