The Realest Guys in the room are no more after Big Cass got sick of defending Enzo time and time again. He kicked his little buddy’s head right off, but that wasn’t the end of their rivalry.

What happened after was a series of matches which saw Enzo Amore getting beat up every time. Big Show soon stepped in to help Enzo out, but even he suffered defeat at the hands of Big Cass.

SummerSlam saw Enzo hanging above the ring from a shark cage. While it might have been a rib due to Enzo’s notorious backstage heat, Amore stripped down to his boxers and lubed himself up to get in-between the bars of the cage. Then Enzo got his head kicked off his shoulders once again for his troubles.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Enzo slipping out of the cage pretty much killed the purpose of using a shark cage, but that’s beside the point. The actual meat of this story occurred the next night on Raw when Big Cass hurt his knee and it gave out while performing an Empire Elbow. Cass was obviously hurt but wanted to finish the match. He couldn’t, so he collapsed to the mat and cursed up a storm. He was obviously upset as he should be.

Meltzer also noted WWE had plans for Big Cass and he was finally wrapping up his feud with Enzo with that match. But it didn’t end the way Big Cass would have liked at all. Meltzer said he doesn’t think the prognosis for Cass is going to be good seeing how he wasn’t even able to finish the match on Raw.

After WWE announced Big Cass had actually injured himself his former partner Enzo Amore jumped on Twitter to bury Cass and put himself over. He talked about how SAWFT Big Cass was while talking about the time he injured himself but was able to finish the match. In the end, Enzo said he’s too big of a man to accept a win like that. Therefore this story might not be over just yet.