matt hardy

It’s very interesting how Matt Hardy works. He fascinates us to no end here at Still Real To Us, and everyone else should pay him the same mind. His Broken Universe gimmick is outstanding and the fact we’re even being teased with the thought of having it on a WWE stage is beautiful orchestral music to our ears.

Since they officially parted with Impact Wrestling in a very public and brutal separation that we haven’t heard the last from yet, the Hardys have been in ROH for a rumored short stint.

Broken Matt recently tweeted his support of Konnan’s The Crash Luchas company in Mexico. This is an interesting move because Impact Wrestling is involved in a couple ways. Impact Wrestling and AAA announced a partnership today and Konnan has been appearing on Impact Wrestling as a member of LAX.

Konnan also reportedly told people part of his deal to arrive at Impact Wrestling was because Anthem Sports promised to help him get Crash Luchas an American television deal. Since Impact Wrestling and AAA have a deal, we wonder how likely it is that Crash Luchas will see a television product stateside with Anthem’s help.

It is a rather intriguing situation, to say the least, and that’s why we thought you needed to know about it because we care. Regardless of scandalousness, it’s still a good thing Konnan was willing to let Hardy keep the bootleg merchandise money he made off their appearance when they won the tag titles down in Tijuana (that was the same event with the blurry-faced referee). We’re willing to bet Impact Wrestling wasn’t so generous about sharing their revenue like that.

Another thing that really interests us is the fact the Broken Hardys and The Young Bucks are so entertaining together. Even when they’re not working in the ring, they’re extremely awesome together. Matt Hardy also sent out an incredible tweet directed at The Young Bucks today to hype their match at ROH’s Supercard of Honor XI. Professional wrestling is awesome.