matt hardy

Ever since The Hardys introduced the Broken Universe to the world last year, fans have been calling for Broken Matt and Brother Nero to return to WWE. At this point it remains to be seen if the brothers will be able to take the Broken Universe anywhere, because Impact Wrestling is currently claiming that they’re the rightful owners of the intellectual property.

However, Matt Hardy has made it very clear that he won’t be giving up the gimmick without a fight.

Regardless of what gimmick they use going forward, The Hardys have plenty of options in regards to their future. It was recently reported that they’ve been offered WWE contracts and now everyone’s waiting to find out if they will put pen to paper and return to the company that made them stars.

PWInsider is reporting that their return to WWE isn’t a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” at this point. House Hardy members Senor Benjamin, Queen Rebecca and King Maxel have become quite popular in their own right, but it’s being reported that the WWE deal on the table is only being offered to Matt and Jeff at this time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that characters such as Senor Benjamin couldn’t be used in WWE in the future, but they have not been offered deals.

A big issue that will have to be worked out in regards to the deal is scheduling. At this point it doesn’t seem likely that Matt or Jeff Hardy would be willing, or able to work a full-time WWE schedule, so the two parties would obviously have to agree on the terms.

Jeff Hardy let the cat out of the bag recently when he confirmed that their contract with ROH is only a short-term deal. It’s believed that the deal will likely end after the Supercard of Honor show on April 1st.

If that is the case, it would leave The Hardys open for an appearance at WrestleMania on April 2nd. It’s already been confirmed that The Hardys will be in Orlando on WrestleMania Sunday for their Broken Hardy Tailgate Party.

However, that does not necessarily mean they’ll be appearing at WrestleMania, but if their ROH deal truly does end on April 1st, it simply means that they would be available to make an appearance if WWE officials choose to bring them in.