The Bella Twin’s intelligence has almost become a running joke at this point. The are often painted as being dim-witted pretty faces. The two even took an IQ test to determine who was smarter in a recent episode of Total Divas. Brie Bella scored a 99 whereas her older twin sister Nikki Balla scored 114.

Daniel Bryan has taken a lot of joy out of tormenting Nikki and Brie in the past by quizzing them on random topics and word pronunciations. They actually run a segment on the Bella Twin’s official YouTube channel called “Bella Brains” where he quizzes the two. Needless to say, he has a ton of fun.

In the newest edition of the show, Daniel Bryan is testing the Bella Twins’ history knowledge. He gives them a few softball questions before he sticks them with a question that takes them forever to get right. Daniel Bryan holds the camera so you can’t see how big the smile is on his face, but we’re guessing he was loving it.

The Bella Twins later ask “Brother Bella” JJ Garcia if he could get the answers to the questions right and he can’t even do it without the help of his wife. In the end, everyone decides Bryan is asking a question nobody knew the answer to.

Brie Bella tweeted about the video and blamed her lack of knowledge on her pregnancy brain. After all, she’s currently 38-weeks pregnant. Baby Birdy Joe will soon be here so Daniel Bryan can quiz his new daughter about American history.

It’s still good to be a Bella Twin and they’re obviously having a ton of fun. The entire Total Bellas cast is in this video too except for John Cena or Johnny Ace. We would certainly rank this video up there are one of the more comical products from the Bella Twin’s growing YouTube empire.