Just in case you haven’t heard, Mickie James is returning to WWE. Mickie will be challenging Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Toronto on November 19, and on this week’s episode of NXT Mickie sent a message to Asuka.

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General Manager William Regal told Asuka that she will be facing Mickie James at Takeover, and Asuka looked excited to say the least. A video message from Mickie James then played on the screen. Asuka has been on quite the tear in NXT, and she seems unstoppable, but Mickie told Asuka that until she beats her, she’s beaten nobody.

Mickie James hyped up her career as she told Asuka that she’s faced and defeated some of the greatest Women’s Champions in WWE history. Mickie told Asuka that she’s coming for the NXT Women’s Championship, and that William Regal should get the UN on the phone, because there’s about to be an international incident.

Check it out below.

NXT Takeover: Toronto will be Mickie’s first match in WWE ring since she was released in 2010. It’s rumored that she is only returning for one match, but as we’ve often seen in the world of wrestling, plans are always subject to change.

Following her WWE release in 2010, Mickie made the jump to TNA where she became three time TNA Knockouts Champion. Mickie is also a five time WWE Women’s Champion, and a one time WWE Divas Champion.


  1. […] Mickie James is set to face Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover, and it will be Mickie’s first match in a WWE ring in several years. Shortly after it was announced a Mickie James rumor started circulating claiming that Mickie was only asked to work the match because WWE couldn’t get Trish Stratus due to her pregnancy. According to Triple H, that’s not true, and Mickie James was the one that they wanted to face Asuka. […]