Wrestlers have a tough job. That have to take some brutal bumps night after night, and they also have to keep their cool while being heckled by fans. Kevin Owens on the other hand, he doesn’t worry much about getting heckled by fans, because he spends most of his time doing the heckling.

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Kevin Owens just loves to yell at the crowd, and he has a tendency to say some pretty hilarious things from time to time. It’s hard not to laugh at the things that Kevin Owens says, and Roman Reigns found it particularly difficult to keep himself from cracking up during a match at a recent WWE live event.

While Kevin Owens had Roman Reigns on the ground in a headlock, Reigns was trying his best to sell it, but after a few seconds of Kevin Owens bragging about how much money he made this week, Reigns lost it.

A fan posted a video of the exchange on Twitter and it has since gone viral. In the clip you can hear Owens heckling fans as Reigns covers his face with his own hands to try and hide the fact that he’s laughing.


It looks like Roman Reigns is going to have his work cut out for him at the Royal Rumble when he challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. With Kevin Owens in the ring, and Chris Jericho hanging above the ring in a shark cage, there’s no telling what kind of crazy stuff the best friends might end up shouting at Roman come Royal Rumble time.