Jeff Hardy is the Charismatic Egnima and has plenty of stories to tell. Although you could cruise WWE Network for weeks to learn as much as you can about Jeff, the truth is all you have to do is look at the art on his body.

Jeff Hardy has amassed quite a collection of tattoos in his life and each one of them go on to reflect a deeper meaning. Jeff recently sat down with Corey Graves to give fans a guided tour of his tattoos and provide some clarification on why he decided to permanently put those images on his body.

Since he was 18-years-old Jeff has been getting ink. His first tattoo was a black and white dragon on his leg that he still hasn’t gotten around to finishing. Corey Graves said he likes having tattoos that aren’t fully done because it gives him a feeling of incompleteness. But other tattoos on Jeff are completed and they’re masterfully done as well.

Jeff said he’s a landscaper at heart which is why he has that tattoo of roots. You’re probably very familiar with Jeff Hardy’s landscape designs. It’s pretty epic to know he really did those by himself. Roots are the veins of a tree and Jeff said he’s obsessed with plant life.

He has a demon on each side of his neck to signify they have a grip on him. Jeff said it wasn’t on purpose but it turned out to be a great metaphor for him overcoming addiction. The snake on his arm wraps around the root system going up his side because everyone thought the roots were a snake anyway so he just added one. Hardy said he still has a little bit of work to do on it, but this is a very special tattoo to him as well. Jeff also revealed he’s afraid of snakes… so he can handle jumping off of a twenty-foot ladder but if there’s a snake on that table he’s crashing through, Jeff’s not taking a Leap Of Faith.

He had a chance to show off the tat he got on Ink Master when he was a celebrity canvas. That tattoo by Jesse Smith of an octopus strangling a bunny still looks just as incredible today.

This is an awesome video and we suggest you watch it not only because you get a vivid look at Jeff’s killer ink, but because it provides fans a chance to get to know him on a deeper level. It’s easy to see why Superstar Ink is quickly becoming one of our favorite parts of WWE’s social media empire.