mike kanellis

Maria Kanellis made her return to WWE at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and she brought her husband Mike along with her. It was at the pay-per-view that Mike Bennett announced he would be taking Maria’s last name, and he’s been working as Mike Kanellis ever since.

Mike and Maria Kanellis have been preaching about the power of love on SmackDown Live ever since they debuted on the show, and fans seem to be split on their gimmick. Some people are enjoying it, while others have had a less than stellar reaction to the power of love.

One fan recently took to Twitter to throw some shade at Mike Kanellis, and he told the current SmackDown Live star that he was a joke in Impact Wrestling, and he thinks he’s a joke now that he’s with WWE.

The fan posted the following:

It’s no big secret that Impact Wrestling had issues in regards to paying their wrestlers on time, and Mike responded by telling the fan that at least he gets paid now.


Triple H’s birthday is today, and the NXT roster decided to get together and sing happy birthday to the mastermind of NXT. Check it out below.

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