Andre The Giant was a mountain of a man with an even bigger heart. Although stories of his pranks could be told for weeks, the fact is the giant was one of the brightest beings in entertainment during his short life. You just never wanted to upset him, because nobody likes an angry giant. Andre made an impression on everyone who ever saw him, especially if they were able to meet the man personally.

But Andre wasn’t always a Superstar as he had been building up a tremendous reputation for years before ever appearing in a WWF ring. This is why the upcoming HBO Bill Simmons documentary about Andre could be one of the best things ever because people want to know more about this man.

André René Roussimoff existed in a time before the rise of intrusive celebrity media attention. There are things about Andre’s life that still only exist in the minds of those who knew him and are only talked about in the confines of close company over premium beverages. But it seems as if everything we learn about this man and who he really was makes Andre even more captivating of an individual.

Andre was a giant of a man and had limitations due to his size. He couldn’t use regular facilities and often had to improvise. But one place he seemed to excel at was his work in the ring.

There are many treasures that exist online and Brian The Guppie recently uncovered another one. He shared a rare clip of the earliest known footage of Andre The Giant. He was only twenty-years-old in this clip and as you can see The Giant wasn’t done growing.

It’s amazing to be able to get a glimpse of what this giant of a man looked like before fans knew him all over the world. If you speak French and translate it for us, we’d appreciate it but even if you can’t understand what they’re saying this footage is still incredible.