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Last year the WWE landscape changed when the company brought back the brand extension. The WWE roster was divided, and half the stars were drafted to Raw, with the other half being drafted to SmackDown Live. However, the company didn’t just draft current stars, they also brought back a few former stars as well.

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Jinder Mahal was one of the stars who returned to the company, and he’s found a lot of success since he came back. As a matter of fact, he’s the current WWE Champion. Unfortunately not everyone who returned has encountered the same good fortune as Jinder Mahal, and Curt Hawkins is a perfect example of what happens when your luck takes a turn for the worse.

According to, Curt Hawkins has lost his last 100 matches, and Finn Balor recently took to Twitter to congratulate the Raw star.

Nice of Finn Balor to rub it in don’t you think?

A few years ago NXT star CJ Parker parted ways with the company, and he’s currently working in NJPW as Juice Robinson. A fan recently took to Twitter to praise Juice’s post-match promos, and the tweet caught the attention of former WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens.

Owens wrestled CJ Parker in his NXT debut match a few years ago, and he praised Juice while saying he’s proud of him.

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