Finn Balor competed in his first main roster pay-per-view at this year’s SummerSlam event when he took on former World Champion Seth Rollins for the newly unveiled WWE Universal Championship at the Barclaycard arena in Brooklyn, New York.

Shockingly it was The Demon King that came out on top in what was a show stealing performance from both men, but Social Media’s reaction to the match was not exactly what WWE had anticipated.

Balor has been a wrestler all over the world, he has won Championships in Japan, The UK, Spain, NXT and now WWE but it seems that the WWE Universe think that him being promoted to the main roster going on to win one of the biggest Championship’s in the business in the space of just four weeks is too much too soon.

Finn won two matches on his Raw debut, these wins gave him the opportunity to face Seth Rollins at this year’s event in Brooklyn where he came out on top with help from The Demon.

The main problem that fans have is that Roman Reigns was pushed down their throat following the destruction of The Shield back in 2014 and the WWE Universe put their backs up and decided that they would not accept him as the Champion.

As much as Vince fought for Reigns to be the face of his business, the fans fought back and booed him at live events, booed his promos and completely upstaged his matches with ludicrous chanting. Roman has now been forced to drop down to the mid-card where there is less attention on him so he has less pressure from fans.

This shouldn’t happen with Finn, as much as the WWE Universe wanted Rollins to win the Championship and once again make history like he has so many times in WWE over the past four years, it was Balor that came out on top.

Balor proved last night that he has what it takes to not only be a star on the main roster but be the star of the main roster. The former NXT Champion has an extremely impressive resume when it comes to wrestling and just focusing on his NXT career and the fact that he carried the company for almost a year proves that he has what it takes to make that Championship great.

Seth Rollins has been the one that is at the forefront of WWE for so long that it will be interesting to see how The Man reacts when someone else is the leader of the locker room. Rollins may react differently to the fact that he now has to once again chase the Championship and the WWE Universe may be lucky enough to see another showdown between these two at Clash of Champions in just over a months time.

The title belt itself was also a huge topic of discussion on social media last night because it is thought that the belt design is unoriginal. The Women’s, the WWE and now The Universal Championships all have the exact same design but are different colours and fans are not impressed with what they called ‘laziness’ on WWE’s part by making the titles so interchangeable.

The fans inside the Barclaycard arena also vented their frustration about the appearance of the title throughout the match which prompted Seth Rollins to react on Twitter.

He wrote “More important than a title’s appearance is what it represents for the men fighting over it. You really let me down tonight, Brooklyn.”

The fans seemed to be unimpressed with perhaps one of the best matches of the night for all the wrong reasons. There were issues with the order of the matches as well with many of the WWE Universe venting their frustrations about the fact that the United States Championship being given a higher billing than the Universal and the WWE but the match didn’t actually happen and it seems like it was just used as a break between the two matches.

Fans have been very quick to react to Finn Balor’s win as a negative when WWE could easily turn it around completely. The company has just begun their new era where the superstars who deserve the spots are finally given those opportunities. Finn Balor deserved to win that Championship and now all he has to do is continue to keep on proving all of his doubters wrong.