205 Live already experienced a huge shake-up when Drake Maverick was brought in as the new 205 Live General Manager. He established a new 205 Live with a legit looking tournament to determine the new Cruiserweight Champion. It seems this long tournament will be a way to “wash the Enzo off of 205 Live,” so to speak.

The former Rockstar Spud’s emergence on television as an authority figure isn’t the only exciting part of this new 205 Live either because behind the scenes, Triple H has stepped up backstage to take the helm as Vince McMahon moved aside.

If this is a sign of things to come as McMahon occupies his time more with the XFL or he’s possibly just taking it easy after a long career, then things could get pretty interesting for WWE’s Cruiserweight showcase.

But this idea was actually a long time in the making as The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted it has been an intention for several months to introduce a new credible authority figure for 205 Live. Their first choice might have already been released a few months ago, but WWE found someone who was right for the job.

Gone are the days of outlandish characters and gaga as the plan is to focus more on the outstanding pro wrestling that the guys on the 205 Live roster can present. We might see less comedy, but there will be a lot more action.

Drake Maverick has already made his influence as a throwback-type of an authority figure like the Gorilla Monsoon where he tells it like it is without involving much flash in the process. This new choice in a 205 Live GM is a great one because Drake Maverick isn’t supposed to be seen as a gimmick. This is probably why they changed his name from Rockstar Spud.

Maverick has started to book matches not out of gimmicks but because the two participants will be able to put on a great performance together. So if you loved the Cruiserweight Classic or the outstanding match between Roderick Strong and Hideo Itami on 205 Live last week, then there is plenty more of that kind of action to come.

It could be a very exciting time for 205 Live as they rebuild. Therefore, it might be possible for them to pick back up and start touring once again as well. If given the time to build a fan base full of passionate fans much like NXT has, they could easily start filling up venues all over the place. Triple H could even do an intro via video screen where he welcomes people to the show much like he does for NXT live events.

Therefore, if you’ve never watched an episode of 205 Live before, now might be a great time to start.