205 live

It’s not big secret that 205 Live has struggled to reach its full potential since its inception, but nevertheless it is a concept that is constantly in development.

It looks like the brand has been going through some major changes behind the scenes, as PWInsider reports that Vince McMahon has stepped and is no longer personally overseeing the show.

The show is now being overseen by Triple H who has been trying to make the presentation more along the lines of the Cruiserweight Classic with how the wrestlers are presented.

Vince McMahon had been working with the stars of 205 Live in an attempt to bring out their personalities, but under Triple H’s control the show has been focusing more on in-ring work rather than developing characters.

McMahon believed that making 205 Live a character driven show was the right approach, hence why Enzo Amore was given the Cruiserweight Championship.

Even though Enzo Amore did get more eyes on the show before he was fired, there were some who argued that 205 Live should have more of a CWC feel as doing a character based show similar to Raw or SmackDown wasn’t showcasing the 205 Live stars in the right light.

Vince reportedly stepped aside two weeks ago to allow Triple H to reboot the brand, and it’s now being compared to how NXT is run behind the scenes.

The vision for the brand is also said to be more along the lines of what the original vision was before Vince McMahon decided to get personally involved with developing the Superstars.

The plan is to build 205 Live back up as a brand that features athletic talents and strong in ring competition with the hope of bringing the brand back on the road for more live events.