Raw 25 was a pretty special night for a lot of people but in the end, some fans felt let down after a couple misplaced segments from legends and an awkward promo from The Undertaker.

Terri Runnels has already spoken about her disappointment with Raw 25 and it turns out that she didn’t get what she thought from Raw 25 either.

Runnels opened up on her podcast Cigars, Scars, and Superstars about a possible reunion with her ex-husband and client Goldust which would have really sent a lot of us down memory lane. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day.

Instead, she was promised her own spotlight which as you can remember wasn’t the brightest place to be in the end.

“We were all told to meet at the stage for a rehearsal” Terri Runnels said. “I had kind of had a bit of a heads up, and I hope I am not spoiling anything when I say this but Dustin [Rhodes] had said to Vince [McMahon] that since she is going to be here anyways I would like for her to walk me to the ring. I loved that idea, and Vince said to him, ‘No because she is going to have her own spotlight.’ I asked him what that meant about me having my own spotlight? Would I be going out to the ring with him and there’s going to be a spotlight on me? He said that he doesn’t know but that I was going to have my own spotlight.”

“So I get there and they call all the girls and we get to the stage and they literally said that we are going to call you out in this order and this is the mark you are going to stand on; you are going to wave and walk back.”

“We all kind of dropped our jaws and said that you have to be kidding me! We were looking out to having my spotlight [as Marlena] and I even emailed Vince McMahon and told him that I am bringing my gold dresses just in case you change your mind … It was not that I wanted to be alone where I say to everyone, ‘Hey, look at me. I am a diva extraordinaire, I need my own spotlight.’ No. It just felt like we were misused, which is the best way for me to explain it. I felt that there was a better way for us to be used, but don’t ask me because I didn’t really think it out. I just felt like you have a lot of talent and we were just in there waving.”

Quotes thanks to Cigars, Scars, and Superstars and Wrestling Inc. for the transcription