vince mcmahon

Vince McMahon likes to go all out when he does things. He went all out when he launched the XFL the first time back in 2001, and a few months ago he started a new company called Alpha Entertainment with the intention of creating new business ventures outside of WWE.

It’s been rumored for months now that Vince would be relaunching the XFL, and he got people talking when a press conference featuring a major press announcement was confirmed for Thursday afternoon.

Vince wasted no time confirming the return of the XFL as his big press conference kicked off with a video showing off the company’s new logo confirming that the league will be returning in 2020.

Vince said that the league will give the game of football back to fans, and he said that they’ll be asking a lot of questions, and they’ll be listening to players, medical experts, the media, fans and anyone who loves the game of football.

He said that the game will be shorter, faster paced, family friendly, and easier to understand. McMahon said it will be football reimagined.

The league will consist of 8 teams, with a 40 man roster and there will be a 10 game season with 2 playoff games and a championship game.

He said that the games will be presented on multiple platforms including big screens, mobile devices, and “everything in between.”

Vince encouraged fans to send in ideas for the XFL, and he took questions from the media.

He was asked if the games will air on cable, and he said that the games will air on multiple platforms and confirmed that there have been no initial talks with potential TV networks, but says they know there’s interest.

Vince said the new XFL will not impact his role with WWE, and there will be no crossover between WWE and XFL.

McMahon said he won’t be “out in front” and this will likely be the last fans will see of him in terms of the XFL. He said that they’ll be hiring people who know what they’re doing to run the company.

The season will start at the end of January/early February in 2020.

Cities are still being researched in regards to locations for teams.

He was asked if Donald Trump will be supporting the league. He said he has no idea, but the league will not be getting involved in politics or social issues, it will be focused strictly on football.

Vince was continuously asked which cities are being looked at, and he said every city is on the radar. He also confirmed that they’ll be looking to use the same stadiums NFL teams use, and that the league would be willing to use other stadiums such as baseball fields if needed.

The goal is for XFL games to be 2 hours long.

Vince said they did consider other names for the league, but they think that XFL is a cool name, and it’s marketable.

He’s not sure if they will allow players to use nicknames on jerseys such as “He Hate Me” but they’ll be listening to fans and football experts for feedback in regards to what’s appropriate for the league.

He said they don’t want to hire people with criminal backgrounds, and even players with a DUI on their record will be excluded from joining the league.

There will be no crossover with wrestling broadcasters and football broadcasters whatsoever.

Vince stressed that he will be hiring professionals to run the league, and he’ll be taking a backseat as the press conference came to a close.