205 live

Enzo Amore’s termination seemed to be the perfect opportunity for WWE to introduce a new idea to 205 Live in the form of a General Manager. Daniel Bryan appeared at the start of 205 Live this week and after explaining that Enzo Amore would no longer be a part of 205 Live, he announced that a General Manager would be announced next week.

There is a lot of speculation about who the General Manager for 205 Live might be. Bryan Alvarez speculated on Wrestling Observer Live that it could be Goldust or Nia Jax by the way things are going. But some people are holding out hope it could be some more epic like Christian or some other returning legend.

While it might still be up in the air about who WWE is going to pick as the new General Manager of 205 Live, Dave Meltzer said in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the initial plan was for it to be Summer Rae. Of course, that would mean that the idea of 205 Live having their own General Manager isn’t a new idea at all.

As it turns out, Summer was even told she would be the 205 Live GM, but plans were obviously changed. Instead, Summer Rae was told before her release that since she was taller than most of the guys on the 205 Live roster that they decided to go another way with things. Obviously, that meant the idea would be shelved until this point in time.

Whoever WWE picks as the new GM for 205 Live it needs to be a name worth watching the show to see. After all, even though Enzo Amore was controversial he still brought in viewers. WWE lost a pretty big commodity when they had to let him go, but as they carry on hopefully they will be able to fill his Air Jordans.