Bobby Lashley left WWE in an abrupt fashion in 2008 but it looks like a decade later the 41-year-old Human Kryptonite could be on his way back. Lashley was experiencing a pretty good run with Impact Wrestling which kept him busy for the past four years and although his stories in Dixie Carter Land were hit and miss, he was usually on top of his game.

But Bobby decided to leave Impact Wrestling and some signs point to him making a WWE return. Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he was unsure if EC3’s name would be big enough for an AJ Styles-type Royal Rumble debut but Lashley’s name might be and as it turns out he had to leave some money on the table to make his exit from Impact Wrestling so soon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports Bobby Lashley was actually still under contract with Impact Wrestling and was being paid quite well through May, but he had made it pretty clear that he was going to leave. Therefore, he asked for his early release and it was granted to him.

Meltzer said the feeling was Lashley would be making a good deal wherever he was going whether it is WWE or even New Japan Pro Wrestling. With that kind of confidence that he would be making bank elsewhere, this gave him the incentive to leave Impact Wrestling so soon.

While it isn’t a lock that Bobby Lashley will be coming to WWE or NJPW, it is certainly a good indication that he was confident enough in the fact that he would be assured work in another company to give up guaranteed money with Impact Wrestling.

With the Royal Rumble coming up soon, it might be a good idea for fans to pay attention to his whereabouts, just saying.