triple h

Triple H and Roman Reigns have an interesting history. They’ve clashed before, and Roman Reigns managed to win the WWE Championship when he defeated Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania 32, and on Friday night they faced off once again when Triple H challenged Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Roman Reigns managed to successfully defend the title as he picked up a victory over Triple H, but after the match was over all hell broke loose.

After Roman won, Samoa Joe, Sheamus and Cesaro hit the ring to attack the Intercontinental Champion. Hunter made it seem that he was on the side of the heels, but he attacked them instead.

As Triple H was fighting off The Bar and Samoa Joe, Ambrose and Rollins made the save.

After the brawl was over Triple H showed respect to Roman Reigns by shaking his hand and you can check out a clip of the exchange below.

During a recent interview, Triple H talked about the reaction that Roman Reigns gets from the fans, and he said that Roman is one of the most skilled performers in WWE right now.

“Roman is in an unique position because the fan base tends to believe that he is this chosen one that the WWE wants in this position so they choose not to accept that position. But the truth is, and some people will listen to this and want to argue against it, but honestly most of the people who argue against it aren’t qualified to make that argument. I am. Roman is one of the most skilled performers bar none in the WWE right now and that is on every level.”