For most of 2017 Neville was a big player in the WWE cruiserweight division, and he even went a far as to dub himself the King of the Cruiserweights. But a few months ago Neville’s relationship with WWE went south when he reportedly walked out on the company, and he hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since.

WWE officials refused to give Neville his release, and it was reported a few weeks ago that the two sides were talking, and some people within the company were hopeful that Neville would be returning to in-ring action.

However, it looks like talks between the two sides have broken down.

PWInsider is reporting that talks between the former Cruiserweight Champion and WWE have abruptly stopped.

There’s no word on what caused the talks to break down, but Neville’s future with WWE is once again said to be up in the air.

This seems to be a tough situation for Neville, as he’s still locked in a WWE contract, and the company has given no indication that they’ll be letting him go without fulfilling it.

If Neville were given the opportunity to return to the independent scene, he would likely thrive, but whether or not that’s going to happen in the near future remains to be seen.