woken matt hardy

A few weeks ago, it finally happened. Matt Hardy was “awakened” during his match with Bray Wyatt, and now Woken Matt Hardy is delivering Woken Wisdom to the WWE Universe on a regular basis.

The return of Matt’s “CONDISHTION” has been a long time coming, and so far he has made everyone feel like it was worth the wait.

Wrestling fans all around the world are excited about Woken Matt Hardy’s arrival in WWE, and fans aren’t the only ones who are enjoying it.

Xavier Woods of The New Day recently took to Twitter to show his support for Woken Matt, and Matt responded by telling him that it would be “EXUBERANT” if the The Day of New would be willing to stand on the side of light in The Great War.

It was at this point when Xavier Woods let Matt Hardy know that he has gained some allies in The Great War.

Even though The New Day and Woken Matt Hardy may be on separate brands at the moment, Hardy’s roster of loyal soldiers in The Great War seems to be growing.

It also seems that Raw commentator Corey Graves is considering aligning himself on the side of light with House Hardy.

The Great War has just begun. Who else will join the side of light in the weeks to come?