matt hardy

Following the epic trilogy that was comprised of The Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and The Great War, there’s a lot of hype for TNA’s upcoming Total Nonstop Deletion special. The episode will be a special episode of Impact that is filmed entirely at the Hardy compound in North Carolina.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that filming for Total Nonstop Deletion has been postponed. The filming was originally supposed to take place next week, but it’s been postponed because the producers want to do more with the budget that has been given to them.

One source noted to PWS that TNA doesn’t have the money to fly talents out to the Hardy compound because their funds are frozen due to the current lawsuit involving Billy Corgan and TNA.

TNA has enough taped material to get them through December 8th, but they must produce an episode to air on December 15th or they will be in breach of contract, so, it looks like TND will be filmed one way or another.

The Billy Corgan vs. TNA lawsuit went to court yesterday and a final ruling for the case is supposed to be announced on Monday. It seems that Billy Corgan is confident coming out of the hearing because he posted the following on Twitter: