WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens recently spoke to The Mirror to promote Hell in a Cell on Sunday. During the interview he talked about working with Chris Jericho, wanting to face Brock Lesnar and more. You can check out the full interview here along with some highlights below.

Working with Chris Jericho: “Chris Jericho was always someone I looked up to. I was a WWE fan growing up and I remember his debut. Back in the day, Raw would air at midnight on TSM in Canada and I would stay up way past my bedtime, considering I had school the next day, to watch it. I remember seeing Chris’ debut, which at that point on the show was probably at about 1am at my house, but that didn’t stop me from losing my mind really because I was so excited to see him come to WWE.”

“So to now be able to share the ring with him and get to do some pretty entertaining stuff on Raw on a weekly basis is pretty special. It’s somebody I’ve watched growing up and now we get to do that together. It puts things into perspective and it’s pretty cool.”

A possible match with Brock Lesnar: “I’d love to defend my title against Brock Lesnar. People write off anyone who’s in the ring with Brock. I don’t think they would give me favourable odds against Brock, but I think I would surprise a lot of them. I would love to get in there with him and see what happens, absolutely. I want to prove that I can get in the ring with him and not just get annihilated like most people do. What’s important for me, though, is to walk into WrestleMania as champion and leave the same way, because that would be a rare feat.”