tony khan

For weeks now Tony Khan has been hyping up a huge announcement for AEW, and there’s been a lot of speculation on what the announcement could be. This week Tony Khan appeared on AEW Dynamite where he made his way out to the stage then he introduced the President of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The screen then cut to Adam Cole backstage who said that he should be the one to make the announcement because he’s one of the biggest wrestlers to ever compete in Japan.

Adam Cole then revealed that NJPW and AEW will put on a show called Forbidden Door at the United Center in Chicago on June 26th. He followed up by saying that he face Ishii on Rampage this week in an Owen Hart Cup qualifying match.

Cole then introduced Jay White who came to the stage and said that he singlehandedly sold out Madison Square Garden. White said this isn’t about AEW or NJPW, it’s about the Undisputed Elite, and Bullet Club because it’s still their era. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.