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Ms. Tessmacher is walking backstage. It shows her beautiful backside. She walks up to Bully Ray. She tells him that he has the title and her, so how bad can it be? Ray grabs the title, Brooke, and tells her that they will go to the ring.

A video package plays showing Roode, Kaz, and Daniels. They set up an alliance and tried to get Austin Aries, but that didn’t work. Bully Ray revealed Brooke Tessmacher and now he has Tito Ortiz by his side. He is all set while the other Aces & 8s members fought the Main Event Mafia with AJ Styles. Devon had to leave as he got pinned last week. AJ is shown and he says he did it for himself.

The camera shows the arena filled with people. They are on their feet. They are cheering. They are ready. Music hits and here comes Aces & 8s! Bully Ray leads the group and Tito Ortiz is right behind him. Then, Mr. Anderson, Wes Brisco, Knux, and Garett Bischoff. Ray goes to high five a fan, but he fakes it and they all get in the ring. Ray grabs a mic. He wants his music off… and he gets it. Ray says he is in a REALLY bad mood. As you can see, someone is missing from this ring. As you can see, Ray’s brother Devon is no longer there. Ray says he is concerned, upset, and wants answers. He wants answers right now. He turns and says he wants to hear from Aces. He goes to Garett and asks him what happened. Garett says he doesn’t know what happened. He does know Devon was his brother and he is just as mad about this as Ray. Ray pats Garett on the back and goes to Knux. Knux is his muscle. Knux says he took care of Rampage and Magnus. Ray goes to Wes and he says, “I don’t know.” Ray turns to Mr. Vice President, Mr. Anderson, and asks him what happened. Ken says he doesn’t know. Devon knew what the consequences were. It could have been anyone. It is what it is. Ray agrees with him and shakes Ken’s hand. What it is… is a disappointment! Ray says Devon has always been a disappointment. He has always been a loser. He has always been his side kick. Devon did what Ray told him to do. He never needed Devon and he never will again! Ray points to Tito and says that is the only man he needs from now on. Out with Devon… in with Tito! Ray will give Tito his own colors. He will give him his own cut! Anderson blows up. He grabs a mic and asks Ray if he is out of his mind?! Don’t they vote anymore? Ray says Ken better back down. He is the President. He tells Ken to back down in line or he will put him in line. Ray turns and wants his girl. He wants the hottest girl in this business. Come on, Brooke! Aces’ music plays. Ray turns and tells Ken, “Don’t you ever mouth off to me again!” Tessmacher comes through the curtain and walks down the ramp. Garett opens the rope for her.

She enters and kisses Ray. She hands over the cut she brought down. Ray lifts it up. Tito goes to put it on, but Ken steps in and starts yelling at him. Ray pushes Ken into the corner and tells him to stay. Ray puts the cut on Tito. The crowd boos. Ray rips off the name patch as it states, “Devon.” He shows it to Ken and drops it on the floor. Ray gets back on the mic and says if Ken has the problem with it, he can go. If anyone has a problem, they have to get out. Ray says he is going to rest now because he won’t have to wrestle till awhile. By the way, he heard Hulk Hogan is here. Ray can’t wait to see him. He doesn’t care when it is, but he wants to introduce him to the only Brooke that mattered in his life. Aces’ music plays and Ray leads everyone up the ramp with Brooke at his side.

Jeff Hardy is backstage. He says he beat Samoa Joe last year to get in the final four. He was desperate and turned to submission. It worked. He needs to beat Kaz for the points. He is out there for the glory. Jeff calls his creatures!


Hulk Hogan is shown as a video plays from earlier today. He walks through a door and is in the building.

The Bound for Glory Series leader board is shown. Magnus is first while Roode is second.

Christy Hemme is shown as music hits. Kazarian comes down the ramp and dances his way in the ring. After he comes in, Jeff Hardy comes out and the crowd erupts! Mike Tenay states that if anyone interferes in these matches tonight, they will lose their spot in the series. Jeff goes around the ring to interact with the fans. He gets in the ring after.

Kazarian vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series

They move around the ring and lock-up. Kaz quickly goes for a roll-up but Jeff kicks out. Jeff goes for an inside cradle, but he kicks out too. Both get up and Kaz goes behind him for a roll-up but Jeff kicks out. They get up again and move around the ring. They go to lock-up but Kaz punches him in the face. He whips Jeff in the opposing corner, but Jeff jumps up and does a hurricanrona and Kaz goes to the outside. Jeff does a baseball slide and then gets on the apron. He jumps and lands right on Kaz. He falls. Jeff gets Kaz back in the ring. Both get up. Jeff kicks him in the gut, but Kaz reverses it. He puts him in the corner. Jeff jumps up again but Kaz grabs him and makes him land on the ropes. He then kicks him right in the back of the head. Jeff falls. Kaz taunts and then starts punching Jeff in the head. Kaz gets him up and whips him in the ropes. Kaz does a spinning heel kick. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Kaz now locks Jeff’s arms behind him. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. Kaz grabs Jeff’s head and whips it back to the mat. Kaz stomps on him several times and then plants a leg drop. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Kaz gets him up.

Kaz goes for a suplex, but Jeff stops it. He lifts Kaz up and face plants him with a front suplex. Both are down. Both get up at the count of 6. Jeff punches Kaz but Kaz whips him in the ropes. Jeff comes back and knocks him down. He gets up and Jeff hits him with an atomic drop and then takes his legs out from under him. He does the leg drop between Kaz’s legs and then locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock! Kaz is in pain. He goes to reverse it but then gets the rope and breaks it. Jeff gets up. Kaz turns and Jeff kicks him and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Kaz does a back slide. Jeff kicks out. Both get up and Kaz hits him with a Thrust Kick! Kaz covers but Jeff kicks out. Kaz gets him up and puts him in the corner. Jeff whips him in the opposing side. Jeff runs to him but Kaz kicks him in the face. Jeff comes back and kicks Kaz in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. He takes off his shirt and climbs the corner. He hits the Swanton Bomb and gets the win! Winner w/ 7 points: Jeff Hardy

Jeff is now in third place in the BFG Series leaderboard. Christopher Daniels is fourth.

Aces are backstage. Garett goes, “What is going on? What is Bully’s problem? He has been with Devon for 15 years and he feels like that? How does he feel about us?” Wes goes on and asks what is wrong with the club? Knux says they should have voted because voting works. Ken says he has something in mind that Ray won’t like. No one is bigger than the club. They cling their beers and drink them up.


Video plays showing last week’s main event where AJ Styles pinned Devon. Devon is now gone from TNA Wrestling.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces this match. Music hits and here comes Gail Kim. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. ODB’s music plays and she comes out with her flask in hand. She drinks up as she gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. ODB in a 2/3 Falls Match to determine the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Title

They walk around the ring. They go to lock-up but Gail goes behind ODB and takes the legs out from under her and covers. ODB kicks out. Both get up and Gail goes in the ropes but ODB hits her with a high knee. She covers but Gail kicks out. They go to the corner. Gail goes on the apron and flips over for a sunset flip, but ODB grabs her and puts her in the corner. She lifts her up and smashes her down on the ring mat. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up. Gail whips her in the corner. ODB pops up but Gail grabs the legs and takes ODB down face first. She covers but ODB kicks out. Both get up. ODB comes back by planting Gail face first into the corner. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail takes ODB down now and works on the leg. She takes her to the apron and smashes the back of the knee on the side. She gets in and ODB punches Gail in the gut. Gail kicks her and knocks ODB down. Gail works on the legs and applies a version of a Sharpshooter. ODB tries for the ropes! She finally taps! First fall = Gail Kim


Gail continues to have ODB in trouble as she is working on the back of the knee. ODB is against the ropes trying to fight back.


Gail has ODB in the corner and has her leg on the ropes as she pulls on it. Gail jumps up and drops right on the leg. ODB falls as she is in pain. Gail runs to ODB as she stands. ODB lifts her leg up for a kick, but Gail grabs the leg and drops it on her shoulder. Gail pulls ODB out of the corner, but ODB quickly does a small package and gets the pin. Second fall = ODB

Gail continues the work on the leg. She takes it to the ring post, wraps it around and applies the submission lock. The referee counts to four and Gail breaks it. ODB crawls away while Gail gets in. Gail hits her in the face. ODB is in the corner. Gail grabs the leg but ODB grabs her and pushes Gail in the corner. ODB falls though. Gail goes to her, but ODB punches her in the gut several times. ODB gets up and hits a huge closeline. ODB covers but Gail kicks out. ODB gets up and gets the fans into it. She lifts Gail, but she falls to one knee. Gail clips the leg from behind and then wraps ODB’s leg around her head. Gail releases it and gets ODB up. She goes for the Eat The Feat, but ODB counters. ODB has Gail down and applies a version of the Sharpshooter. Gail tries to get to the ropes, but ODB pulls her away. Gail submits! Winner and #1 Contender: ODB


Velvet Sky is walking backstage. The camera man asks her about ODB. Sky likes ODB and thinks she she can beat Mickie for the title. She continues to walk. He asks her about the Knockout PPV. She states it will be great. The division is great and people will see some great talent. He then mentions Hardcore Justice and how Velvet Sky wasn’t there. She said she had personal issues to attend to, but the camera guy asks about Chris Sabin because they are in a relationship. Sky laughs and says they keep relationships and business separate. She said the camera guy was clever though.

Christopher Daniels is backstage with Roode. Daniels is sitting down and can’t stand Hogan already as he is pushing his power around about not letting them interfere in the matches. Roode says he will take care of AJ while Daniels will take care of Aries. Daniels can’t believe Aries attacked him last week. He should have joined them. Daniels has something to say and is going to work on that right now. He leaves. Roode picks up an appletini and places it on Daniel’s seat.

A video plays showing what Austin Aries did last week… as he attacked Daniels during his match.

Austin Aries is backstage as Jeremy Borash is beside him. Aries states everyone wants him. He isn’t going to join any of them. He goes to talk about AJ Styles. Daniels enters the set and tells Aries to stop talking about AJ. Daniels tells Aries that he will flatten him more than Miley Cyrus’ @ss. Aries mentions that Daniels is a lover of comic books and says he will grab his cape and knock Daniels’ head so hard that it will grow hair again. They both leave the scene.


Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. The camera asks him about Tessmacher and Bully Ray. Hulk says all of that will be addressed tonight. He has a big announcement. Hulk opens a door and says, “Brother.” Hulk enters the room.

A video plays showing the past couple weeks featuring the Main Event Mafia. They had 4 members entering the 10 man tag team match with Kurt Angle in rehab. However, AJ helps them out and gets the win last week.

The Main Event Mafia’s music plays. Samoa Joe, Rampage Jackson, and Sting walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Rampage Jackson has a mic in hand. He states that he wants to get something off his chest before anything else. He brings up the cheap shot from Tito Ortiz two weeks ago. Rampage isn’t going to wait for the Bellator match on November 2nd. Over here, the rules are different, so you better watch out. If Rampage sees Tito, he will stomp a mud hole in him. Joe gets the mic and gets the crowd pumped. He says the Mafia run this tonight. Everything is going their way. They were out numbered. Sting was looking for people to help them out. They came out last week and one man came up to the plate and they want to recognize the guy… AJ Styles! Sting gets the mic and does a, “Wooooo!” He says that goes to AJ. Sting says AJ put his career on the line to fight for the Mafia. Whoever does that is allowed to join the group. The door is open. Sting wants to thank him personally. He calls out AJ. Music hits and here comes AJ Styles. He is back to the music of “No One”. He comes out with the leather jacket and hood. He stops at the end of the ramp. The music changes and then AJ takes off the hood and raises his arms. He gets in the ring and does his old school taunt. Sting talks to him. AJ grabs the mic.

AJ says he appreciates them being out there. AJ says he needs to do this himself. Sting, Joe, and Rampage leave the ring after giving him props. They walk away. AJ starts again. AJ says he has answers. He knows everyone’s question from this past Thursday. Is he the newest members of Main Event Mafia? He respects them and hopes they can kick Aces’ butts, but he wore the suit before and it’s not him. Over the year, he has a lot of respect issues. Respect issues from his former friends or people in the truck airing footage that really wasn’t true. The only person AJ can trust is Allen Jones. He is with no one! He says the perception of this business has changed. He is better than the best in the world. He is the phenomenal AJ Styles! He loves what he does in this ring… this is just a job. Despite what everyone thinks… the crowd starts to chant, “Yes, yes, yes!” AJ says people had that job where they have been shafted even though they are the hardest working person in the building. For what? AJ realized that he deserves better. AJ calls out Mike Tenay and says he deserves better. He calls out Dixie and says he deserves better. For what? For that big new guy to come in and do nothing? What about that new direction that didn’t go anywhere? AJ was there to put it on his shoulders. AJ states that there were so many times that he wanted to be fired just so he didn’t have to quit. He didn’t want to go because he has a family. It is his job. He came to this ring and made people tap.

Over the last couple of months, something clicked. He likes being the “Go to” guy. He likes being the whole show. He likes being the guy who gave the fans their moneys worth. Can he still be the go to guy? Oh yeah! He can have this company on his shoulders. The question is… can he go on and win the Bound for Glory Series and be the TNA World Champion?! Music hits and here comes Bobby Roode!


AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They move around and lock-up but they don’t go anywhere. They release it. They lock-up again and spin around for some arm locks. AJ takes Roode down for the Calf Killer but Roode grabs the ropes and gets out of the ring. He enters again. They go to lock-up but Roode kicks him in the gut and then punches him in the face. He takes AJ to the corner and does a huge knife edge chop. AJ whips him in the ropes and jumps up and slides under Roode. Roode hits AJ with an elbow, but AJ comes back and does a kick to the face. Roode falls and rolls to the outside. AJ jumps to the ramp and flies and lands on Roode. He gets Roode up and rolls him in the ring. AJ gets him up and does a huge backbreaker. He applies a camel clutch variation, but rolls back and gets Roode up. He takes him to the corner and goes for a tornado DDT, but Roode pushes him away. He hits a huge spinebuster and it gives Roode time. He now stomps on AJ and plants a knee to the chest. He covers but AJ kicks out. Roode gets him up and does a suplex. Roode covers but AJ kicks out. Roode works behind AJ as he works on the arms. AJ gets up to his feet and elbows Roode in the gut and punches him in the face. Roode fights back but AJ does his multiple shots and ends it with a closeline. Both are down. Roode gets up in the corner. AJ runs to him and does a big splash. Roode falls. AJ climbs the corner. He jumps but Roode moves out of the way. Roode runs to him but AJ does a spinebuster. AJ goes and does a springboard moonsault. He goes for the leg but Roode pushes him back. Roode gets up and AJ hits the pele real quick. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Roode does a back body drop but AJ lands on the apron. He hits Roode with his shoulder in the gut and goes for a springboard closeline, but Roode catches AJ’s arm and applies the crossface. AJ grabs the ropes. Roode takes him to the middle of the ring and applies it again. AJ rolls back for a cover but Roode kicks out.

AJ grabs Roode and goes for the Calf Killer. Roode slowly gets to the ropes and grabs it. Both get up slowly. Roode fights AJ and goes for a fisherman suplex, but AJ reverses it into a small package. He gets the win. Winner w/ 7 points: AJ Styles


Daniels is backstage with airplane goggles on his face. He says he has to beat Austin Aries to go further in the Bound for Glory Series and he will do just that.


Jeremy Borash is backstage right outside Hulk Hogan’s door. He hasn’t been talking since he came in the arena, but he will leave the room right after the next match to talk in the middle of the ring.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the next match. Here comes Daniels to the ring with his huge googles and trench coat. He gets in the ring and dances. After him is Austin Aries. He comes down with his cape.

Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries in a Bound for Glory Series

They move around the ring and lock-up. Daniels puts Aries in the corner and pounds his shoulder in the gut of Aries. They get out of the corner. They do some fancy moving around but Daniels lifts Aries and body slams him. He gets him up and puts Aries in the corner. He whips Aries in the corner, but Aries pops up and goes behind Daniels as Daniels runs to him. He rakes the back of Daniels and takes him down on the mat and mat wrestles him. Daniels crawls back while Aries gets up and rests on the top rope. He gets down and they work some more. Daniels goes in the ropes and Aries does a great arm drag takedown. Daniels turns it into a head scissors but AJ gets out of it and kicks Daniels. Aries goes for the elbow drop, but Daniels rolls out of the ring. Aries goes to him but Daniels attacks him. He jumps on the apron and then on the rope and goes for the moonsault, but Aries slide sin the ring. Daniels lands on his feet. Aries does a suicide dive but Daniels hits him in the face and is down. Daniels rolls in, covers, but Aries kicks out.


Daniels has Aries down and works on the head. Daniels gets up and does a springboard moonsault. He covers but Aries kicks out. Daniels continues to work on him. He does another cover but Aries kicks out. Daniels works on the arm and head, but Aries gets up and knees and elbows his way out. He elbows Daniels in the head. Daniels tosses him in the ropes and locks in an abdominal stretch. Aries gets out and reverses it. He uses the ropes to get leverage. Daniels gets out, lifts Aries up, but Aries turns it into an arm drag. They go into the ropes and hit double closelines. Both are down. The referee counts and they get up at six. Daniels punches Aries in the face multiple times. Aries does a huge chop to the chest and then punches nonstop as it leads to Daniels going into the corner. Aries does another huge chop. He whips him in the opposing corner. Aries runs and smashes him. He drops Daniels and hits the spinning elbow. He covers but Daniels kicks out. Daniels rams Aries back first into the corner. Daniels goes away and then runs, but Aries lifts him up and takes him outside the ring. Aries runs and now hits the suicide dive! Aries brings him in the ring again. Austin climbs the corner and flies, but Daniels gets away. They run on to each other, but Daniels lifts him up and does a powerbomb. Aries kicks out. Daniels puts Aries in the corner, but Aries fights back. He climbs and hits the missile dropkick. Daniels goes in the corner and Aries hits the running dropkick. He goes for the Brainbuster, but Daniels slides behind and does a reverse DDT. Daniels covers but Aries kicks out.

Both get up and they exchange shots. Aries goes in the ropes for a final shot but Daniels hits him back. Daniels runs in the ropes but Aries runs after him and hits him with a dropkick as Daniels turns around. Austin lifts him up and hits the Brainbuster. He covers and wins. Winner w/ 7 points: Austin Aries

The BFG Series leader board is up and we see Magnus first, Aries second, Roode third and Jeff Hardy is fourth.

Bully Ray is backstage with Brooke Tessmacher. He is talking to Tito Ortiz. He says he feels bad for Hulk Hogan sometimes. He then looks at it reality and laughs. Ray tells Tito to keep an eye on Ray’s back just in case anything gets out of hand. Tito knows what to do.


Music hits and here comes Hulk Hogan! The arena is on their feet. They are going crazy. Hulk does his taunts on the ramp. He walks down the ramp and does more taunts before he gets in the ring. Hulk grabs a mic while the crowd continues to blow the roof off the building. Hulk starts speaking on the mic. He says it sounds like they missed him while he was gone, brothers! Hogan says he has been a really busy guy for the past couple of weeks. The TNA guys tore the house down at Hardcore Justice, but it’s great to be back in new Jordans! The crowd chants, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan!” Onto the first order of business and it’s about the BFG Series. He wants the leader board to be shown on the titan tron. Hogan changed the game a little bit. He states the structure is changing and it’s about wrestling. He spoke with the Spike TV executives. It will be a gauntlet match with the members in the series. Whoever wins will receive 20 points. Now onto the next thing… but just then, Aces’ music plays. Bully Ray comes out with Brooke Tessmacher. They hold hands while they get to the ring. Ray has a mic and yells for his music to shut off. Tessmacher is all over Bully. Ray calls Hulk, “Dad” and says he has missed him a lot. A lot has happened since he left. He has the title again! Ray says Hulk is shocked. He has been waiting to introduce the little lady… Hulk says they can turn it down because she can’t rough Hogan at all. Hogan has taken care of wrestling business but also personal business. He pulls out papers and it’s divorce papers. His daughter is moving on with her life whether Ray likes it or not.

Hulk hits Ray with the papers. Ray kicks it to the side. Ray doesn’t care about his daughter. He has done something no other guy has done to her… and that was to use her. He used Hulk, Brooke, Sting, and the Hulkamaniacs. He has Tito Ortiz now. He has to do nothing till Bound for Glory. He can sit back and watch. Hulk asks, “Do you know who I am? Do you know who the hell I am?” Ray turns his hat around. Hulk says he runs this show… not Ray. Hulk is going to use Ray and his family. He will tear his family apart. Bully Ray will defend the TNA World Title in two weeks at No Surrender in the main event. Hulk turns and walks up the ramp. Ray says he isn’t doing it. Hulk says, “Like I said, I run this show and Ray will defend it against a member of the Aces & 8s! He will also defend it this week against Sting!”

Sting’s music plays and he comes out, slaps Hogan’s hand and gets i the ring. He and Ray battle. He punches Ray and closelines him down. Ray rolls out of the ring and goes to a chair at ringside. Tessmacher is right there at his aid. The show fades.


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