tj perkin

In the summer of 2016, TJ Perkins entered the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament, and he ended up winning the whole thing. Perkins became the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion, and he’s been one of the main players in the cruiserweight division ever since.

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TJ Perkins is trying to get his hands on the Cruiserweight Championship once again, and he recently changed his name to TJP. The abbreviated name works well for the cruiserweight star, but recently there have been some strange rumors making the rounds in regards to the name change.

It’s been rumored that TJ’s name was changed because Vince McMahon hates the restaurant Perkins, and he thinks that if people hear the name Perkins they will think of the restaurant.

A fan recently asked TJP about the rumor, and according to the former Cruiserweight Champion, he simply wanted to change his name.

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