the miz

The Miz has held many championships throughout his WWE career, and he’s held the Tag Team Titles several times with various different partners. He won the Tag Team Titles for the first time in his career when he was teaming up with John Hennigan (John Morrison) and Hennigan is set to marry Taya Valkyrie. It looks like Miz is getting ready for the wedding, as he shared a photo on his Instagram which features a few familiar faces.

Miz also posted another photo showing off his “hot date” for the wedding.

Chelsea Green is known as Laurel Van Ness in Impact Wrestling, and she’s currently dating WWE Superstar Zack Ryder.

Green recently opened up about her relationship with Ryder on Pro Wrestling Weekly, and she explained how he’s helped her with her character.

“I think the great thing is about my character is that talking with someone, someone always has some sort of suggestion because they can relate my character with a crazy ex-girlfriend, or a psycho mom or psycho sister, or a drunk-hot mess that they saw at the bar last week. You can relate it to whoever you want. With that comes these amazing suggestions from people. I get caught up in this character thinking that I have to go one way or another to the point that I believe that I need to be this drunk girl that never wrestles, but my boyfriend [Zack Ryder] takes a step back and says to me that I can take this character into whatever direction I want it to go. I should also stop making the character drunk, but instead, I should make her a psycho. You need a snapping point, and with that snapping point how would the crowd know that I snapped? He suggested having my lipstick slipped to me and that becomes my ‘thing.’ That is my weapon so the crowd knows that this is it, she is turning it up, and the match doesn’t become what it was before. Those little kind of pointers is where he helps me with. Where in the match I should make it happen and where it should happen, but I mean, really, there are fans that help me with this. There are fans that help me with certain suggestions where even I hadn’t thought of it and I end up using it.”