Money In The Bank contracts have become just as familiar to the world of WWE as a Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. For almost a decade now WWE’s best good guys and best bad guys have been solidifying their spot at the top of the WWE food chain thanks to the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Once a part of the yearly spectacle we know as WrestleMania Money In The Bank has grown to be so popular that it has its own pay per view. When a superstar is carrying a Money In The Bank contract it means they are pretty much carrying a guaranteed WWE or WHC title reign as only one man has ever failed to win a title when cashing in Money In The Bank.

Money In The Bank cash ins are fun, their exciting and their shocking. With that being said let’s take a look at the 6 most shocking Money In The Bank cash ins so far.



6. CM Punk




When CM Punk cashed in his Money In The Bank contract against Edge he became the first good guy to cash in Money In The Bank on an injured heel. Before this cash in using your contract on an opponent who was already beaten up was established as a move a bad guy would make thanks to Edge himself. With that being said this moment was very shocking because it was unexpected and hadn’t been done before. The crowd in attendance was happy enough to see Edge get beat up by Batista but when CM Punk’s music hit the roof damn near blew off the arena. CM Punk’s entrance was met with a thunderous ovation as everyone knew what was about to happen. Punk was successful and secured himself his first World Heavyweight Championship title and although the reign that followed was sadly underwhelming this cash in was anything but.


5. Edge


When Edge cashed in his 2nd Money In The Bank contract against The Undertaker it was shocking for multiple reasons. Only 24 hours before the Smackdown tapings where this Money In The Bank cash in took place Edge didn’t even have possession of a Money In The Bank contract. The Money In The Bank contract that Edge used to take the World Heavyweight Championship belonged to Mr. Kennedy (now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA) and Mr. Kennedy himself was only 24 hours away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship before losing it to Edge. The Undertaker who held the World Heavyweight Championship at the time was injured and had to drop the title to someone and it seemed as if Mr. Kennedy would be the perfect choice thanks to his Money In The Bank contract but unfortunately Mr. Kennedy got himself injured as well. This is where Edge comes in and proves that he is the ultimate opportunist by winning the Money In The Bank contract from Mr. Kennedy and beating The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship the next night.


4. The Miz


Believe it or not The Miz was once at the top of the WWE food chain. After riding a wave of popularity to a Money In The Bank contract win in 2010 The Miz managed to become WWE champion by beating Randy Orton on an episode of Raw. Not only did The Miz win the title but he managed to hold on to it all the way through WrestleMania season and successfully defend it against John Cena at WrestleMania 27. Not bad for reality TV star turned WWE superstar.


3. Dolph Ziggler



Dolph Ziggler is here to show the world and that’s exactly what he did when he beat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship the night right after WrestleMania. You could argue that no one that has ever held in the Money In The Bank has ever managed to build up as much anticipation for their eventual cash in. After carrying the Money In The Bank contract for almost 9 months everyone was dying for the WWE to pull the trigger on his title reign. Well if patience is a virtue then you can certainly say this cash in was well worth the wait when the night after WrestleMania 29 on an episode of Raw Dolph Ziggler made the most of his opportunity and became World Heavyweight Champion. The fans had been waiting for this moment for a long time but no one had been waiting for it as long as Dolph Ziggler himself and he scored himself what may be the loudest reaction for any cash in so far to top it all off.




2. Randy Orton



Let’s face it we knew this one was coming but it doesn’t make it any less shocking. The WWE fans had been asking for 2 things for a very long time and those 2 things were a Daniel Bryan title reign and a Randy Orton heel turn. Well at Summerslam a few weeks ago we the fans got both of those things in one fell swoop. After he won the WWE title from John Cena both Daniel Bryan and his fans celebrated what was a hard fought victory and a title win for the man that deserved it most. Unfortunately the celebration was short live. Thanks to the help of HHH Randy Orton was able to become WWE champion that night without even hitting one move. The crowd and fans went from heaving their hearts filled with joy thanks to a Daniel Bryan WWE title win to having their hearts broken thanks to a Randy Orton Money In The Bank cash in.

1. Edge




When Chris Jericho introduced the concept of the Money In The Bank ladder match prior to WrestleMania 21 it had many fans intrigued. Many people wondered what exactly is the Money In The Bank contract and how will it work? Edge answered all of the questions regarding the Money In The Bank contract when he cashed in for the very first time against a beaten up John Cena. John had just survived a grueling Elimination Chamber match before finding out that he had to defend his WWE title on the spot against Edge. Edge made short work of John Cena and in the process paved the road for all other Money In The Bank cash ins after this. Edge introduced the element of surprise with the first Money In The Bank cash in and shocked us all with perfect timing.











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