Chris Jericho recently spoke with Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio about his latest run with WWE. You can listen to the full interview HERE.

“People are always putting words in my mouth I never once used the word hiatus or retirement; I’m just not working there,” Jericho said. “I don’t know if it’s a long time, if it’s a short time, forever. I’m not taking a hiatus or sabbatical, my contract was up. I have a bunch of other stuff going on. “As far as why the matches were great, I don’t know, man,” he continued. “It was just a really good roll. It was like every match was better than the last and I was just in the zone. Experience level wise, many don’t have the experience that I have and I also think outside the box when I’m putting together matches, which other guys don’t. It just seemed like every match I had clicked. There were probably a few that weren’t as good as others, but the majority of them I was really, really happy with. Some bona fide best matches I’ve had in a long time. The Rob Van Dam match on Raw and the CM Punk one at Payback, I thought those matches couldn’t have been any better.”


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