Sometimes you’ve gotta wonder if plans were changed at the last minute like adding an extra topping on your pizza, buying something in the impulse aisle, or giving Bayley the Raw Women’s Championship on a Raw instead of waiting until WrestleMania. Smackdown just got a new Women’s Champion in Naomi on Sunday, and before she was able to appear on the blue show with her new title, Bayley won the red team’s female prize. Whether it was planned in advance or not, it was still a very cool moment.

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The King of Kings sent out a message to the new Raw Women’s Champion. The last of the Four Horsewomen to win a top prize posed with Triple H sporting her new big red belt, you can tell just how proud Trips is of his NXT girl.

Look at the smile on his face.

It’s pretty obvious that Sasha Banks was happy for Bayley seeing how she helped her win the match via a crutch run-in. There have been rumors circulating that Sasha could be turning heel soon, and if that was the case then the projected 4-corners match at Mania would feature three heels and Bayley as the champ, which could work.

But, The Boss didn’t turn heel last night as she posted a picture of Bayley and herself with a pretty awesome inspirational message attached.

The Smackdown Women’s Championship felt the glow on Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Although it might be a tad odd that WWE decided to make the same kind of switch on the following Raw, there was no shortage of happy sentiments from Naomi.

Becky Lynch sent out the following congratulatory message out to her Four Horsewomen sister. The only member of the Horsewomen that didn’t send out congratulations was Charlotte, but that stands to reason.

Even Natayla was happy for Bayley, which is a nice change from her recent jealousy inspired rants.

Bayley is inspiring for anyone with a dream, and that includes women who are currently where Bayley came from. Peyton Royce very much hopes to be in the same position as #JustBayley very soon.

The Bella Twins’ official Twitter sent out a message to the new Raw Women’s Champion last night. Although Brie might have penned the sentiment, it’s reasonable to think that Nikki probably felt the same way. The new generation is here, but then again in an industry like WWE that is constantly evolving this is always the case. Regardless of how you look at it, the Bellas are proud of Bayley.

If you remember Izzy, Bayley’s biggest fan in NXT then you’re not alone. When Sasha Banks made her cry it was a moment etched in the memory of many professional wrestling fans as a grand mixture of shoot and work. Izzy might have cried last night as well, but they were certainly tears of joy. Her reaction to Bayley’s title win was captured on video and posted below. WARNING: Ear shattering shrieks ahead.