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The Raw Women’s Championship main events Raw once more. Before the match started, Charlotte talked some trash to Sasha Banks backstage, but her opponent was Bayley this time. Charlotte got the early advantage, but Bayley turned the match around in her favor after taking a few moves.

These two work so well together, so it’s really no secret why they are rumored to go at it at WrestleMania with Sasha and Nia Jax added to the mix.

Bayley hit a springboard cross body on Charlotte for a close two-count. Vegas was hot for this encounter. Charlotte quickly took control of the match back by suplexing Bayley off of the bottom turnbuckle. She kept up the pressure as the crowd chanted “Let’s go Bayley.”

Charlotte hit Bayley with a neckbreaker submission, but Bayley didn’t tap. Flair followed it up with another neckbreaker. Charlotte hit Bayley with a knife edged chop and slapped on a reverse dragon sleeper on the “Hugger of Huggers.”

Bayley attempted a comeback but got hit with a big boot that sent her off of the apron onto the floor for her troubles. Charlotte kicked Bayley into the barricade with a stiff shot and destroyed her adversary with a moonsault off the barricade onto a standing Bayley.

They made it back to the ring and Charlotte hit Bayley with some chops that would make the Nature Boy proud. Both women ended up crashing into each other when they both went for a crossbody block.

Bayley started her comeback and hit Sasha with a suplex followed by a springboard elbow on Charlotte off the top rope for a close two-count. Bayley then hit Charlotte with a top-rope Macho Man elbow drop for another two-count.

Charlotte ended up scaling the top rope but Bayley followed to hit her with a hurricanrana for another two-count. Then Dana Brooke made an appearance. Bayley knocked her off of the apron and locked in a figure 4 on Charlotte. Brooke hit Bayley again and Charlotte locked in the figure 8.

Then Sasha Banks ran down the ramp and knocked Dana Brooke out with her crutch, shen then hit Charlotte with the crutch which gave Bayley the chance to capitalize.

Bayley hit Charlotte with the Bayley to Belly and got the three count.

Bayley is the new Raw Women’s Champion!

Looks like both brands have new top females.

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