At WrestleMania 34, Brock Lesnar defended the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event, and when it was all said and done it was Brock who walked out with the gold. The Beast walked backstage with the belt and then threw the Universal Championship at Vince McMahon who was sitting in the Gorilla Position.

Road Dogg recently addressed the incident on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast and he claimed that Shane McMahon got heated and tried to go after Brock Lesnar.

“I remember Shane being in gorilla and being hot and trying to go after Brock. I said, ‘Let it go.’ You know what I mean? Let’s just stay right here, and all keep our teeth.”

Road Dogg went on to say that he almost got hit in the face with the belt when he added, ”So, he was aiming for Vince. He’s got good aim, he’s got a good throw, and good rotation on the title, but one of those straps almost caught me right in the mug. But yeah, he aimed it to Vince; he didn’t aim it at Vince, you know what I mean? Like it landed right in front of him like it was safe. He could have hit all of us if he wanted to.”

H/T Sportskeeda