Vince McMahon was at Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles earlier this week and McMahon’s name was trending on social media after it was reported that he was firmly in control of the show. Several changes were reportedly made to the original plans for Raw and now everyone is waiting to see if Vince will be at SmackDown this Friday.

Dave Meltzer recently shared an update on Vince’s status on Wrestling Observer Radio, and he noted that it’s unclear if Vince will be in the building for SmackDown. However, he added that Vince McMahon is the number one guy behind the scenes which means decisions can be overruled.

“Everyone’s wondering what’s gonna happen Friday. Is Vince gonna tear up the show again? Is he gonna come? Was it only because he was in Los Angeles?

“Nobody knows the answer. Either he’s coming to Portland (for SmackDown) and tearing up the show, or he’s, at worst, maybe gonna stay in Connecticut and be in the production meeting remote. In which case he’ll probably have less tearing up of the show. But he’s there, and he’s the decision maker, and he’s number one. He’s number one, that’s it.

“Triple H has gone from being ‘the guy’ to being basically what Paul Heyman was and what Bruce Prichard was before. Where they’re ‘in charge’, but everything gets overruled.”

Vince McMahon confirmed earlier this week on CNBC that he would be involved with WWE creative at a high level, but he also said that he would not be “in the weeds.” One way or another it will be interesting to see if Vince McMahon running the show at Raw was just a one time deal, or if he will be taking a more hands on approach with SmackDown this week. Stay tuned for updates.