WrestleMania 39 was another huge show for WWE and there was a lot of anticipation heading into the Raw after WrestleMania on Monday night. However, the show received less than favorable reactions from fans on social media.

It was reported that Vince McMahon was firmly in control of the show and that numerous changes were made to Raw after the show went live. There was also a lack of returns, call ups and surprises on the show which ended with Cody Rhodes getting brutally destroyed by Brock Lesnar after Lesnar had previously agreed to team with him.

Following the show Monday Night Raw was trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, and some fans were even calling for Vince McMahon to be fired. Dave Meltzer recently addressed the reaction on Wrestling Observer Radio and indicated that WWE sees all the discussion surrounding the show as a positive.

“I promise you, the fact there has been so much discussion they will only see as a positive. If there was no discussion, they’d be shaking their heads thinking what went wrong. If it was a misfire, history will tell us, but right now the reaction is what they wanted.”

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H/T InsideTheRopes.com