seth rollins

Fans of the Architect might have been heartbroken by the news that Rollins suffered yet another knee injury, and the outpouring of support has been insurmountable. His surgically repaired knee has been compromised, but he is in good hands and obviously has the integrity and motivation to make a full recovery in the speediest fashion that he can.

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Seth recently sent out multiple messages via Twitter to address his loving fans. The tweets tell a somber tale, but solidify Seth’s status as one of the premiere entertainers in the industry. He is in a sense ahead of his time, and perfect for this time period at the same time.

Seth Rollins posted the following:

While his recovery time is unknown and his exact prognosis is uncertain, one thing is for sure, the WWE Universe will be waiting for Rollins with open arms upon his return.

These words from the injured Rollins are both inspiring and saddening at the same time, but they are nonetheless effective. It should also be noted that the plans to take on Triple H have not dwindled in the slightest. He still plans on showing the world that he is the man, and knows that in order to come back a hero he must prove himself.

Fans should find solace in the fact that Seth Rollins seems just as focused as ever and has definite plans for a return, whenever that might be.

Get well Seth, Still Real To Us is pulling for you!