sasha banks

This week Charlotte went one on one with her longtime rival Sasha Banks, and the Raw Women’s Championship was on the line. The match took place in Charlotte, NC, or “Flair Country” as it’s known to wrestling fans, and Sasha Banks walked out with the gold.

Leading up to the match Sasha Banks vowed to become a three time Women’s Champion, and Charlotte declared that Sasha didn’t stand a chance. As the announcements were being made before the bell rang, Sasha was met with mostly boos from the “Flair Country” crowd, and Charlotte was met with a mixed reaction.

Dana Brooke accompanied Charlotte down to the ring, and she stood ringside for the match, but Sasha Banks took her out early. The action then spilled to the outside of the ring, and Sasha and Charlotte battled into the crowd.

Charlotte was beating Sasha Banks down on the outside, and both women were counted out by the referee. General Manager Mick Foley then came out and announced that he wasn’t going to let the match end that way. He cut a promo about their history together, and he announced that the match would take place later in the show, and that it would be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Before the match Bayley met up with Sasha Banks in the locker room, and Sasha told her that she was dedicating her match to Ric Flair.

Both ladies went all out during the Raw main event, and Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte with a kendo stick on the outside. Eventually both women made their way to the top of the entrance ramp, and Charlotte tried to position Sasha on the announce table, but Sasha rolled off the stage onto the floor. Charlotte followed up with a moonsault from the announce table onto Sasha Banks on the floor, but it wasn’t enough.

The match rolled on and the action spilled out into the crowd. Sasha Banks put Charlotte’s body in the middle of some hand rails out on the arena steps, and she locked in the Banks Statement to make Charlotte tap out.

After the match Ric Flair made his way down to the ring to celebrate with Sasha Banks.