samoa joe

We are one night removed from WWE Extreme Rules and Samoa Joe is the new #1 Contender for the Universal Title. The WWE Universe was excited to see what might happen next on our road to Great Balls Of Fire.

Raw has a new #1 contender for the Universal Title, new Tag Team Champions, and a new IC Champ. But Alexa Bliss is still the Raw Woman’s Champion. Her annihilation of Bayley at Extreme Rules was solid.

This is sometimes considered WWE’s down-time but in WWE there is no room to slow down at all. There is just the time before and after WrestleMania. Everything in-between is still business as usual.

The Mohegan Sun was packed and everyone was excited to see what would happen next in the never-ending story that is WWE.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The lights cut out and Bray Wyatt’s entrance started. The fireflies were out in full force and you the Pennsylvania crowd was eager to stand in awe of The Eater Of Worlds. Bray had his game face on and was ready to tangle with The Big Dog.

Corey Graves brought up the great point that nobody who participated in the fatal 5 way at Extreme Rules could be at 100% but it gives the four people who didn’t win a great chance to cement their position on the roster. Just the fact that Bray was facing Roman Reigns, a man who never seems to lose made me nervous.

Bray took the microphone and as he stalled before he spoke the crowd gave him a well-deserved ovation. He said last night at Extreme Rules was the beginning of the end. He had a chance to slay the beast and save everyone from damnation. But instead of arming him with his sword, they took it from him. But he is still here and he’s still alive. The crowd cheered for Bray as he spoke and said he is still every bit of the god he’s always been.

Bray said he’s there to cast judgement on everyone who’s guilty including Finn, Joe, Rollins, and Roman. Seth Rollins got the biggest cheer by far and Roman got booed out of the building before he even came out.

The crowd erupted in a cheer at the thought of him taking out Roman Reigns. As Roman’s music hit one woman screamed as everyone else seemed to boo furiously. Michael Cole called it a “thunderous reaction”… yup. It was a storm of boos.

Roman walked to the ring with his eyes fixated on Bray Wyatt. While the announce team talked up the Big Dog the crowd booed him even more as he approached the ring.

Bray chuckled into the microphone and it soon broke out in a full-fledged laugh. Bray said Roman was “right on cue.” The crowd chanted “Roman sucks” as Reigns snatched the mic from Wyatt’s hand.

Roman stood there as “let’s go Roman/Roman sucks” chants were piped in. He said “you hear that?” Then he said that’s how we know he’s “the guy.” Then Wyatt took a punch and rolled out of the ring.

As soon as the bell rang Bray caught Roman in a Sister Abagail and the crowd cheered. But Roman reversed out of it and went for a Superman Punch. Bray dodged the Superman Punch but ended up taking another strike and powdered out of the ring.

Bray soon regained control and took Roman down with a rear chinlock. Roman soon pumped himself up and got out of the move but took a DDT from Wyatt for a two count.

The crowd was really into this match between two of Raw’s finest. Bray kept Roman down with another chinlock but Reigns powered out of it and slapped The Eater Of Worlds across the face.

Wyatt got himself up on the top turnbuckle but Roman turned it into a Samoan Drop for a two count. When the two got to their feet Roman started popping Bray with clotheslines but Bray popped up each time. Roman ate a boot in the corner and Wyatt drove Roman’s shoulder into the post on the other side of the ring.

Roman rolled outside and Bray hit him with a running senton. The crowd at ringside applauded the move with clapping that popped WWE’s audio levels.

Roman got Bray back in the ring and applied some strikes in the corner. Bray got shot off the ropes and tried to turn things around but Reigns put him down with another still clothesline for a two count.

Roman cocked his fist, but turned to see Bray walking like a creepy spider. Reigns went for a Superman Punch anyway but Bray countered with the uranage slam for a two count.

Bray looked at Roman upside-down in the corner and ran in for a splash on Reigns. He placed Roman on the top rope and climbed up to apply some fists on his perfect Samoan face. Roman hit him with a few headbutts and then pulled off a sit-down powerbomb for another two count.

Roman started to look ready to end it as Michael Cole said he was ready to wrap things up. He went for a Superman Punch but Wyatt ducked, however Reigns came back around for another Superman Punch but Bray kicked out of the pin attempt at two.

Reigns looked at the crowd as Bray got to his feet. He stalked Bray as he yelled at the ceiling. Bray realized he was about to get speared and rolled out of the ring. Reigns ran outside and hit a drive by on Roman. Then Bray hit Roman with a clothesline that nearly took Roman’s head off.

Bray rolled back in the ring first and Roman just beat the ref’s 10 count. Both men looked spent as Bray grabbed Roman in a Sister Abagail. But Roman got out of it, hit a Superman Punch and then a quick spear. 1-2-3 and Roman wins as Cole proclaimed “it’s the big dog’s yard!”

The crowd did seem to warm up to Roman as the match went on and by the end practically everyone was cheering. Although when Roman posed at the end there were still plenty of boos while ladies screamed and reached out to him like he was ‘N Sync in 1999.

Backstage Segments

Enzo and Big Cass were interviewed and Enzo was asked about who has been attacking him. Enzo said he doesn’t know who’s been attacking him but when he finds out he’s gonna “catch a charge.”

Big Cass said they do not know who the attackers are. But the fact people thing it’s him is insulted to him. So going further to make sure Enzo never gets jumped again he’s going to have his back at all times. He also said he’s going to watch his back tonight when they face Gallows and Anderson. Then Big Cass left so Enzo would hit on Charlie Caruso. Enzo turned around and was all like “where’d you go?! I turn my back for two seconds and you already leave?!”

Kurt Angle is shown looking at his phone again. He’s saying how something is driving him nuts. Then Alexa Bliss walked up to Angle and tried to get some congratulations for beating Bayley. Bliss said she’s done with Bayley and she’s in the past.

Bliss said she wants to celebrate her life tonight. She wanted to do a segment called “Alexa Bliss, This Is My Life.” Kurt said no and that the “This Is Your Life” segment from last week was one of the worst segments ever.

Then Angle told Alexa she was going to live up to her word to Nia Jax when she said after she’s done with Bayley then she’ll give her a shot at the Raw Woman’s Title. Therefore Alexa Bliss was booked to defend her Raw Woman’s Title against Nia Jax tonight.

Dean Ambrose vs Elias Samson

The Drifter was introduced in the middle of the ring and he started by asking everyone a question: “who wants to walk with Elias?” The crowd cheered. He said he saw a leaf fall to the side of the highway and it inspired him to write this song.

He asked the crowd to hold their applause until he was finished. He didn’t get one line into his song before the crowd erupted into a sheet of boos. Whatever he’s doing looks to be working.

He sang about how Ambrose has a chance to dance with the man who always takes a stance and he’s going to wind up in smoke. Then Dean’s music hit and Ambrose came out ready to pull an Animal House on Elias Samson.

Ambrose had a mic of his own and told Samson to hold on for one second and he just jumped The Drifter. Ambrose beat Elias all around the ring and threw him over the barricade.

Then Ambrose grabbed the mic again and said “anyways I am here tonight for one reason and one reason only, I want The Miz.” He said he wanted a rematch for the IC Title tonight and Miz showed up on the screen. Miz told him there’s not going to be a rematch tonight.

Miz said they are going to start his comeback tour with a kickoff celebration. While Ambrose was distracted Samson snuck up behind him and hit him with a swinging neckbreaker that Cole called “The Encore.”

Samson told Dean that’s what he gets and he left up the ramp without a match even starting.

Backstage Segment

Dean was walking backstage and didn’t look happy. He approached Kurt Angle and asked him where Miz’s dressing room was. He said they could send a ref over and just have the match now.

Angle said he’ll have his rematch but the victory celebration is happening tonight. He told Dean to cool down and relax. Ambrose said he would wait in Miz’s dressing room and have a cucumber water.

Angle sent him out of the building and told him to take the rest of the night off

Samoa Joe Speaks

The music for the new #1 contender for Raw’s top title hit and Samoa Joe walked out looking focused and ready to take on The Beat Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

Joe took a second before speaking when he said he’s going to make this very simple. He said he is a man that does not fear Brock Lesnar. The crowd cheered him for that statement.

Joe said he is incapable of fearing him because he is far too envious of Brock Lesnar. He said he wants everything Lesnar has and he wants to take it from him. The crowd cheered a little less at that statement.

He said he wants Brock Lesnar’s part time scheduled when he doesn’t have to come in week after week in front of the ungrateful masses and just come and go as he pleases. Joe said he wanted Paul Heyman. He said he wanted Heyman to be his advocate, negotiate his contracts, and run his errands.

But most importantly Samoa Joe said he wants Brock Lesnar’s wife Sable. Just kidding, he said he wants Lesnar’s Universal Championship.

Joe said he’ll take the Universal Championship from Lesnar at Great Balls Of Fire.

“Ladies and gentlemen” Heyman’s voice said as he walked onto the ramp. The whole place erupted. The crowd said every word along with him as he declared himself the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

Heyman said Joe is the #1 contender for the UT and rightfully so. Paul spent some time putting Joe over and kept saying “and rightfully so.”

Heyman said “I’m just an advocate” and asked Joe’s permission to step in the ring. Samoa Joe allowed him entrance and Paul came in the ring to carry on his promo.

Heyman said Brock Lesnar doesn’t fear Joe either. He said what bothers him about Joe is that the fact Lesnar doesn’t fear him is something that Joe is looking for.

Heyman said he worries for a living, he said he looks at Brock’s opponents and is concerned for a living. Paul said that’s what he does because he’s a Jew. He actually said that. Laughter broke out in the crowd as we can only imagine what was being said in the Gorilla Position.

Heyman said he wanted Finn Balor to challenge Brock Lesnar because it was the best case scenario because it’s a box office breaking story. Then Paul said Joe is the worst case scenario because he doesn’t give a damn. He said he wants to go to war with Brock Lesnar (Heyman said he’s not supposed to say “war”).

Paul said even if Brock Lesnar gets by Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine is going to take a piece of Lesnar with him.

Then Paul said it’s his job to make sure that at Great Balls Of Fire that it’s his worst case scenario. He said “you want Brock Lesnar, you got Brock Lesnar.” He shook Joe’s hand and went to leave.

Samoa Joe stopped Paul and put down his mic. Only the camera could hear Joe as he said he’s very disappointed Brock didn’t show up. He said something really bad is going to happen to him right now. Then Joe began to explain how he’s going to wrap his arm around Heyman’s throat and choke him out. His vision is going to get hazy, and he needs to take that message to Brock Lesnar and describe it to him in detail. Paul Heyman looked terrified.

Then Samoa Joe wrapped Heyman up in the Coquina Clutch and choked out the Advocate of Brock Lesnar. It was all very intense. After he finally broke the hold, Joe screamed some more words in the microphone and left as a pack of referees surrounded Paul Heyman’s body in the ring.

Am I the only one who noticed WWE Shop’s promo is using a single shot of Enzo Amore now?

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle got in Samoa Joe’s face and asked him what’s wrong with him. Joe said he’ll take out anyone who gets in the way of him and Brock Lesnar. Then he asked Kurt if he’s in his way.

Seth Rollins popped on the screen and said “no he’s not!” Seth got in Joe’s face and said Joe beat Finn Balor last night but he’s not Finn Balor. He said he’s beat him before one-on-one and he has no problem doing it again tonight.

Then Kurt Angle booked Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins for tonight’s show.

“The mistakes we make Seth, the mistakes we make” Joe said as he walked off.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Sheamus and Cesaro’s music hit and the new Raw Tag Team Champions emerged on the ramp with the titles around their waists. They don’t just raise the bar, because they are the bar.

Sheamus and Cesaro wasted no time taking control over SmackDown Live’s first SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Sheamus started beasting over Heath Slater. Slater could really use some “he’s got kids” chants right about now.

Cesaro got tagged in and hit Slater with a double axe-handle from the top. Heath created some separation with a jawjacker and lifted Cesaro over the top rope. Sheamus came in the get Heath but caught a kick to the head.

Rhyno took care of Cesaro on the outside as Sheamus Brogue Kicked Slater for a very quick victory.

Sheamus took the mic and said “that’s how an intelligent team wins and that’s how we beat the Hardy Boyz last night.” They asked the crowd who’s happy the Hardy Boyz came back then Cesaro said he knows of two people who aren’t happy they came back and that is Matt and Jeff.

Cesaro said The Hardys picked the match that they thought would give them the advantage at Extreme Rules, but it didn’t help them. Then they said they don’t just set the bar, they are the bar. Can’t wait for those “I am the bar” t-shirts.

Backstage Segment

TJP is shown backstage and says “just the man I was looking for” and then Neville walked up to him with his Cruiserweight Title in tow. TJP said he wanted a shot at the title. He said he held up his bargain and now it’s Neville’s chance to hold up his end.

“You know what, you’re right” Neville said. He said if TJP takes care of business and defeats Mustafa Ali then he’ll talk to Kurt Angle.

TJP vs Mustafa Ali

The first ever Cruiserweight Champion used to be known as TJ Perkins, but last names just get in the way. That’s why I’m just going as LAV from now on.

TJP started off with some fast and brutal strike to Ali in the corner. Then he ran at Ali on the other side of the ring, but Mustafa jumped over him and hit a springboard cross body block. That was a pretty move. Mustafa Ali really is a fantastic athlete.

TJP hit a diving senton on Ali for a two count. He held his foot on Ali’s throat and then did a dab just to convince us he’s a douche. TJP slapped on a headlock and brought Mustafa Ali to the mat.

Ali tried to create some separation but TJP grabbed his hair. After another sequence, Ali hit a springboard DDT off the top rope that he made look easy. Ali climbed on top for the 450 Splash, but TJP plucked him off the top rope and hit the Detonation Kick for the win.

As TJP celebrated he was surprised by Neville’s pyro and The King Of The Cruiserweights came out onto the ramp. Neville said “TJP I know don’t exactly know how to break this to you but I spoke to Kurt Angle about your championship opportunity and although I’m the King Of The Cruiserweights, I’m not a miracle worker.” He said he had some bad news for TJP.

TJP said he’s going to go talk to Angle now and Neville jumped him from behind and drove his face into the entrance ramp that is essentially a huge LED board. Neville said TJP will get his shot on 205 Live tomorrow night. Okay, so it looks like TJP is getting his title shot after all. Neville is such a kidder.

But this does present an interesting feud if it’s intended to go any distance. Aren’t both of these guys heels? It’s whatever, I can’t think too hard about things like this or my brain will start to hurt.

Goldust Segment

Goldust was shown once again talking up his feud with R-Truth. He said Truth will never be able to sit in his director’s chair. Then he quoted Gone With The Wind and said he sees the Truth, he sees the bigger motion picture here.

Goldust said soon the biggest names in Hollywood and the biggest stars in the sky will be glittered in gold. It will be beautiful. “The Golden Age is back.”

Backstage Segment

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke are backstage when Alexa Bliss walked up and was all like “hey guys.”

“I know you guys don’t like me — I get it” Bliss said. Then she continued and tried to rally Dana and Mickie against Nia Jax for jumping the line. She tried to butter them up and said they have a Nia Jax problem and if they don’t stand up to her their sisterhood will never be the same.

Dana said they don’t have a Nia Jax problem, Bliss does. Then Mickie said they will be at ringside to watch their match tonight.

Kurt Angle interrupted the announce team in the middle of hyping the Woman’s Title Match and he pulled Corey Graves to the side and showed him his phone. Angle and Graves talked for a bit and then returned to his booth.

“It’s the second week in a row, what’s going on?” Michael Cole asked. Suddenly Kalisto’s music hit and Corey used that diversion to change the subject.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle was seen backstage and was asked what his conversation with Corey Graves was about. Kurt said it was a private matter and then he was asked where he was headed. He said that was a private matter too.

Kurt Angle left through the back door just as Dean Ambrose came in through the same door. They had to have seen each other in passing.

Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil

Titus started out by beating Kalisto down to let him know what the Titus Brand is all about. Apollo looked on at ringside as Titus kept barking orders to him. Akira Tozawa was seen watching the match on a screen backstage.

Apparently Titus told Tozawa to watch his match tonight and he’ll be meeting him backstage to join the Titus Brand.

Titus tried to get Kalisto in a hold and he was rolled up for the three count. That was very quick.

Kalisto ran up the ramp and did his Lucha celebration as Titus and Apollo stayed in the ring and fought out what just happened. Apollo smiled at Titus and said “he got you!” Then he left his mentor in the ring looking more than frustrated.

Backstage Segment

Miz and Maryse were shown backstage and the camera panned over to reveal Big Cass has been taken out. He was laying under some scaffolding and he was out cold. A ref ran up to him and told someone to get some help.

Enzo ran up to his friend and asked Cass if he was alright. He asked Big Cass if he knew what happened and yelled at the ref for not doing anything.

Big Cass handed Enzo his broken chain and slumped over as Amore consoled his battered partner. This is not a good time to be Enzo and Big Cass.

This whole “who attacked Big Cass and Enzo” story line is being told in between actual segments on Raw and is becoming one of the best “whodunits” we’ve seen in a long time.

Enzo tried to get Cass to look at him and held the chain in his hand. He said whoever attacked him last week brought the chain with him. The ref said he had to get Cass to the medic and Enzo said they’ve got a match.

The ref told him to get a new partner and Enzo said he can’t do it by himself. As the referees walked Big Cass off Enzo stood there looking concerned.

Miz’s IC Title Celebration

Maryse was in the ring and it was all done up with a man in a bear outfit holding a sign that said “congratulations” Dollars to donuts the guy in the bear outfit is Dean Ambrose. They had letter balloons that spelled out “Miz” it was all very cute for a ten-year-old’s birthday party.

Maryse introduced her husband and The Miz came out to a great applause and more than a few “you deserve it” chants. Miz loved it and said that chant would mean so much more if they didn’t do it for every superstar that wins a new crown in WWE. But they are right, he is the only WWE superstar that deserves the title.

He talked up his match against Dean Ambrose at Extreme Rules and called Ambrose depraved. He said he is achieving his destiny in returning the IC Title to the soaring heights to the glory it once knew.

He proposed a toast to himself “may the world never know a time when I am not intercontinental champion.” Then he proposed a toast to his wife. He called the dancing bear a great idea and proposed #MizBear. Then Maryse said she didn’t get the bear.

Suddenly Miz started attacking the bear and hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale. He took off the bear’s head off and said “I present to you your former IC Champion, Dean Ambrose” but when he removed the bear’s head it was just a dude who looked a lot like Johnny Gargano. “Oh well kid, at least you got beat up by the IC Champion” Miz said as he flung the bear over the top rope.

Suddenly the ring crew wheeled down a giant box and Miz started attacking the box as Maryse lost her mind on him. Miz kept destroying the box until it was fully gone. Maryse kept yelling “stop! that’s from me!”

Then Miz reached in the box and pulled out a broken clock. “It’s a grandfather clock, it’s timeless like you” she said. “You ruined it!” she yelled and then she left.

The paranoid Miz then turned his attention toward Ambrose and started calling him scared. He said that’s the kind of person Dean Ambrose is. Suddenly Ambrose climbed in the ring wearing a cameraman outfit holding a camera. He took off his hat and came behind Miz to deliver a Dirty Deeds.

Ambrose’s music played as Dean grabbed Miz’s bottle of champagne and he left up the ramp while his music blared.

The Club vs Enzo And Whoever

When Enzo’s music hit Gallows and Anderson were already in the ring. Enzo came out looking hyped and he did his usual routine about how he’s a certified G and you can’t teach that.

Enzo said Hans Solo is solo tonight. Enzo said he’s a G but he’s a 4 G because he’s well connected. He said he called in a favor and his partner is seven-feet-tall and you can’t teach that.

“Welllll it’s the Biiiiig Show!”

The Club didn’t look happy about this turn of events. When you see Enzo standing next to someone who is really seven-feet-tall he looks so much tinier.

Big Show just stood there as Enzo handed him Big Cass’ mic. Enzo said Show’s looking a little thin, he said they need energy and asked him if he’s joining 205 Live. Big Show didn’t look amused. Enzo said he weighs 206 so he’s in there with a heavyweight. Enzo said the only way he cuts carbs is with a pizza cutter.

Big Show seemed angry to be there as Enzo carried on. Enzo tried to get on Show’s good side but he didn’t seem to get anything out of it at first.

Suddenly Big Show turned into a cartoon character and took on an accent that we can’t really identify. He said Enzo is like a crazy squirrel looking for that… and Enzo said “nut.”

Big Show did Big Cass’ line spelling out SAWFT and everything. It was really quite amusing.

As soon as the bell rang Gallows took Enzo out and tagged in Anderson. Karl Anderson hit Enzo in the corner but missed a big boot.

Big Show got the tag and started laying out The Club. He tossed Karl in the corner and took out Gallows. He threw Luke against Karl and splashed them both.

Show hit Anderson with a shoulder tackle and then a chokeslam. Big Show tagged in Enzo and picked him up. Enzo looked worried for a second saying “this isn’t how we do it Show” and Big Show launched Enzo against Anderson for the three count.

Backstage Segment

Enzo and Big Show were backstage acting like close buddies. Big Cass walked up to him and said Show’s been gone for weeks and suddenly when Enzo needs a partner he shows us.

Cass kind of accuses Big Show of jumping them. Enzo said they should go to the casino and Big Show told them to go on ahead while he looked on with his eyebrow raised

R-Truth did his own version of a promo. He said he’s coming for Goldust. They were friends and brothers now Truth is no more to Goldy than a mean, bad, mother — shut your mouth. He said he will strike down upon Goldust with great vengeance and furious anger.

Alexa Bliss was interviewed and asked if she was nervous about her match against Nia. She said she was on a joke of a brand where no woman would help her. She seemed pretty bitter about having to defend her title against Nia Jax.

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Nia Jax has a pretty big smirk on her face when she walked out to the ring. It was hard for her to contain her smile as she entered the ring and posed for the crowd. It looked like she knew exactly what she was going to do.

Alexa Bliss was met with plenty of cheers when she made her way to the ring. At this point if someone doesn’t like Bliss, they need to at least respect her. Bliss looked a little worried but still focused on her way down the ramp. She posed with her Raw Women’s Title and took a long look at it as she put it over her shoulder.

When the bell rand, Bliss tried to beg off immediately but Nia went for her anyway. Bliss wrapped herself up in the ropes and Mickie James and Dana Brooke made their way down the ramp.

Bliss kept pleading with Jax and went to run. Nia grabbed her by the pink hair and Bliss slapped her across the face.

Nia threw her across the ring like a sack of adorable potatoes and then sent her flying to the other turnbuckle. Nia went charging and Bliss jumped on her back to attempt a sleeper.

Nia tossed her off and delivered an elbow drop but let Bliss get to the turnbuckle. Bliss kicked Jax in the face, but it didn’t work. Jax knocked her down and Alexa rolled out of the ring.

Bliss crawled over to Dana and Mickie when you could tell a lightbulb went off in her brain. Bliss punched Dana and Mickie. Mickie punched Bliss in the face and the ref saw it. The bell rang and Bliss was ruled the winner via DQ.

Mickie and Dana attacked Bliss and Jax went outside to get her. Corey Graves made a Mean Girls reference about Dana and Mickie just before Nia Jax laid both of them out.

They played Nia Jax’s music as she made her way up the ramp. It looks like Nia Jax’s road to Raw’s Women’s Championship is going to be a bit longer than anticipated.

Backstage Segment

Paul Heyman was being treated by the trainers and he looked like he’s just been choked out by a big Samoan… probably because he had. His phone rang and Brock Lesnar was on the line.

Paul E said he needs to show Samoa Joe the real Brock Lesnar. He said Brock needs to show up on Raw next week and they need to unleash the beast. Oh goodie! We get to see the Universal Championship next week! I almost forgot what it looks like at this point! I wonder if it’s still red.

Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins

The Samoan Submission Machine was ready for a fight. Then again, he’s always ready for a fight. He can’t wait to get his hands on Brock Lesnar, but he’ll have to settle for Seth Rollins tonight (after Paul Heyman or course).

Seth came to the ring wearing his new tank top now available on the WWE Shop.

As soon as the bell rang Samoa Joe stated brawling with Seth. The Kingslayer returned the favor and mounted Joe to give him some offense.

Seth chopped Joe across the chest but Joe delivered a headbutt to set him down. Joe dumped Rollins out of the ring, but he returned to the ring and kept fighting Joe off.

Samoa Joe laid Seth out with a stiff elbow show and picked him back up. He tried to throw Seth outside, but Rollins reversed it. Seth went for a dive but caught a kick to the head.

The Angry Samoan sent Rollins into the barricade and stalked him methodically before picking him up and rolling Seth back in the ring. Seth crawled to the ropes as Joe walked up behind him. He hit Seth with a kick and a stiff punch. Joe delivered a knee to Rollins’ midsection and propped him up against the turnbuckle.

Joe punched Seth a few times but was backed off by the referee. Seth used this diversion to take control for a moment, but Joe quickly countered and took control. Joe delivered a kick to Seth’s head in the turnbuckle and The Architect looked hurt.

Joe revered a Sling Blade from Rollins and turned it into a throw that launched him across the ring. Joe kept up the abuse on Rollins and got a two count after dumping him on the back of his head.

Joe grabbed Rollins in a rear chinlock and let the crowd rally for Rollins a little bit before letting Seth get to his feet. Rollins fought back the best he could but got an inverted atomic drop and a running senton for his troubles.

Seth Rollins was being dominated by Samoa Joe and he looked methodical and malicious as he continued to work on the former member of the Shield. Joe locked in an arm bar, but Seth got to his feet. Rollins hit a right hand to Joe’s face and forced the separation.

Rollins shot himself off the ropes but Joe hit him with a quick snap powerslam for a two count. Joe lit Rollins up with a couple chops as the crowd went “woo!”

Seth tried to counter Joe’s moves, but it was unsuccessful. Finally Rollins landed a kick to the back of Joe’s head and he rolled out of the ring. Rollins hit Joe with a suicide dive and looked like he was making a rally.

Joe returned to the ring and received a Sling Blade from Seth. Joe rolled back outside and Seth hit him with another suicide dive. They returned to the ring and Rollins his a Blockbucker. Rollins would soon hit another suicide dive but Joe didn’t look totally defeated.

Seth came back in the ring via a springboard flying clothesline for another two count. Seth posted up and tried to wrap Joe up from behind, but Joe countered it. Seth countered Joe’s counter for a Falcon Arrow and another two count.

Both men made it to their feet at about the same time and Joe picked Seth up. Rollins turned it into a roll up pin but Joe kicked out. Seth climbed the rope and posted up on the turnbuckle.

Suddenly the lights went out and went all “Wyatty” but Bray was nowhere to be seen. Seth looked around the ring for Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe came up from behind and locked in the Coquina Clutch.

The referee eventually called for the bell and raised Joe’s hand in victory.

Raw ended with Seth laying on the canvas and Joe pacing around the ring soaking in his victory. Michael Cole hyped the fact that Brock Lesnar would be at Raw next week as they faded to black.