News travels fast these days and you never know what can break next. Some people are so happy to jump on a story they report things without having all of the facts. We don’t do that here at Still Real To Us.

Paige and Alberto recently added to their legacy of unpredictability when they had a pretty big blow up at an airport in Orlando. After the fact, Paige’s brothers spoke up for the Anti-diva and said this kind of thing happens more often than we would like. The situation was very messy and some might have even described it as scary. The audio from the encounter was chilling and it wasn’t a good time at all for Paige and Alberto.

Alberto was suspended from GFW during this investigation but he was recently dropped from consideration for charges. However, Paige was very much still on the hook for possibly battery charges. Wording in WWE’s policy about these matters clearly states if Paige is convicted of a domestic abuse crime then she could face termination from the company.

While what we know might be limited these possible charges on Paige are very much a real thing. People have been throwing rumors around social media saying Paige has been arrested or at least an arrest warrant has been served. However Newsweek’s Tufayel Ahmed sent out a few tweets to clarify the situation concerning Paige.

Therefore this hasn’t resulted in an arrest yet, but detectives in the case said they have found probable cause to make an arrest. At this point it is up to the state attorney’s office on whether or not actual charges will be pressed. If this seems like a long and tedious process, that’s just how things like this work.

We really do hope for the best in this on-going situation and as more news develops we promise you’ll be the first people we tell.